Kemono Friends Kingdom Reroll Guide (2024)

Kemono Friends Kingdom has been released in US and Canada and I want to share with you a reroll guide for beginners.

In this Kemono Friends Kingdom reroll guide, I will unravel the secrets to creating a best team of animal friends right from the start.

So, without ado, let’s get started!

Kemono Friends Kingdom Reroll Guide

The best way to reroll is by using an emulator like LDPlayer or creating new craft accounts. When using a craft account, you can use the “salted method” by adding a “+” and a number to your email address (e.g., [email protected] becomes [email protected]).

This trick allows you to create multiple accounts with the same email.

Always aim for the six-star characters, as they have a 2.5% rate. Currently, the game has a variety of characters divided into six stars, five stars, four stars, and three stars. During the tutorial, you’ll be asked to pick a random four-star animal friend.

Choose whoever you like, as this choice is not important. But, pay attention to the six-star characters, as they have great potential. One important combo to aim for is Serval and Hippopotamus, as they provide a 7% attack boost for seven rounds, with an additional 30 attack for one round.

Our tier list includes several strong characters, such as Giant Panda that you can aim for in the game. But, note that the combo effectiveness may change with new updates.

Serval and Hippopotamus remain a highly recommended combo for most players. During the reroll process, try to obtain Serval from the first banner, which guarantees a six-star character.

Don’t forget to use the coupon code “Settings Pack Redemption” for some free pulls. The gameplay of Kemono Friends Kingdom involves slingshot-style mechanics, similar to Angry Birds.

So, combining characters in the right order will activate powerful combo effects. Healing and defensive characters are important to keep your team alive.

The game also features a dormitory system called “Park,” where you can customize your house and earn materials for upgrades. Additionally, there’s a Blitz feature that allows you to sweep previously beaten stages for rewards.

Explore all the game’s features and enjoy the colorful interface and family-friendly story.

That concludes our reroll guide for Kemono Friends Kingdom. Have fun rerolling and building your dream team of animal friends!