Limbus Company Combat System Guide for Beginners

In the Limbus Company, you will be directing a group of twelve sinners, each of whom possesses unique abilities and is a member of a different element than the others. In the game, you play the company’s managing director. You can choose a maximum of seven sinners for a battle, while the others must stay out of the battle but support their team with passive skills. This Limbus Company combat system guide will cover nearly all the necessary aspects a player will need throughout the gaming experience.

One of the most exciting things about this game is that each of these sinners also has a unique identity. Identities are various versions of sinners who live in a parallel world. If your sinners aren’t powerful enough, you can give them a new identity to boost their power. Because passive skills change when a sinner’s identity changes, you must select the identity for all 12 sinners before beginning a battle.

Limbus Company EGO Ability

What You Should Know About Skills?

Each sinner in the Limbus Company possesses a set of abilities they can employ during combat. These abilities deal one of three types of damage: slash, blunt, or pierce. All your sinners and enemies have a type of resistance, so before the battle begins, check your enemies’ resistance and the damage type they deal with to determine who should be included in your team. The selection process is an essential part of the game. It significantly impacts your chances of winning battles.

Next, all of your sinners’ skills belong to one element. The Limbus Company consists of seven elements, each with its color. You can identify the skills associated with each element with various colors. As you go through the in-game characters, you’ll easily get the hang of it without needing to explain this part.

An additional tip for you is if you successfully chain two skills of the same color while in battle, you will be able to activate a resonating effect, allowing you to increase the skill’s overall output. Chaining three or more skills will activate an absolute resonating effect. Because the absolute resonating effect is more potent than the regular one, opting for the absolute variation is your best bet when deciding which to use.

Skill Coins

Skill Coins

You must be wondering why there are skill coins to use the skills of your characters. In this game, each skill costs a coin when used. These coins have bonuses and base power. Two distinct varieties of bonus coins can be earned in the Limbus Company. Coins that provide positive effects are referred to as plus coins, whereas coins that provide adverse effects are referred to as minus coins.

The coin effect is applied when a Limbus Company sinner uses a skill. If a skill utilizes more than one coin, the first coin’s result influences the second coin’s result.

E.G.O. Ability

EGO Ability

Sanity or E.G.O. ability is regarded as the power you inflict on your opponent during battles. It’s one of the abilities in the game that you need to keep your eyes on. This game has an E.G.O. skill that you get when your sinners’ mental state gets worse because of bad things that happen in battle. The power you gain from the E.G.O. skill is sufficient to defeat all enemies. However, it has a negative consequence. You’d have no control over it. In that sense, it will destabilize your team. All you have to do is keep their sanity under control.

As you near the end of each battle, the used skill icons become attribute resources. These attributes, which are unique to each skill, are required to use an E.G.O skill in battle. Before you use your characters, you must first determine their sanity. If they lose their mind, the E.G.O. skill won’t be able to reach its full potential. Pro Tip: keep track of their sanity level throughout the fight.

Skill Clash

There’s this thing called Skill Clash in this game when skills between the opponent and your sinners match. First-row of the characters goes after the enemies closest to them. It’s crucial to know that because you know which one of your characters will have to deal damage. Additionally, sinners and enemies will run into each other if they both move at the same speed.

The game rewards the one with more skill coins. You need to look out for coin flips. In most cases, it’s random. For example, if your opponent wins the coin flip, they can deal damage first. In case you win the toss, the situation is in your favor. If the results of both coins are the same, the next coin will be tested.

These are some of the things you should look out for when you’re playing Limbus Company. And you’ll do just fine. You’d have to be as excited as I am, knowing there’s a unique game in this genre that doesn’t look like Genshin.

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