My Modded Day Trello Guide – Items, Map Location & Chest

Check out the updated Roblox My Modded Day Trello guide on this page! This guide, based on Trello, deep dives into crucial aspects of the game, including Chests, Items, Maps, Bosses and much more.

My Modded Day is a Roblox game published by “@Alrixkk”. It combines aspects from popular video games and anime series, with an emphasis on the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s supernatural talents and powers. Fans of RPG and anime-inspired Roblox games will enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience. Now, let’s dive right in and get started with the My Modded Day Trello guide.

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Roblox My Modded Day Trello

Chest Information

Chests spawn in various locations around the map, either being a Common Chest, Gold Chest, or a Diamond Chest, with each of them having there own spawn times, and loot drops.

There is a 1/2 chance you wont get anything from every chest!!!

How do you know what you got?

  • Common: White Particle
  • Rare: Blue Particle
  • Epic: Purple Particle
  • Legendary: Red Particle
  • Legendary+: Every Color

Common Chest

The most basic chest there is.

  1. Common chests will give you a common+ item.
  2. Spawn time: 30 minutes 1/7.

Gold Chest

Basically common chest but better.

  • You cant get commons, only rares and up.
  • Spawn time: 1 hour 1/5

Diamond Chest

Best Chest in the My Modded Day game.

  • This chest will give you guarantees an Epic+
  • Spawn time: 2 hours 1/3

Dark door

My Modded Day Trello

Spawns every 2 hours 1/3

When clicking on this with Kris (10% from determination) you will evolve into Darkworld Kris

Item List


  • Arrow
  • Banknote
  • Bonk Diary
  • Cryaboutit
  • Dio’s Diary
  • Frog
  • Requiem Arrow
  • Golden Banknote
  • Old School Diary
  • Rokakaka Fruit
  • Stand Disk
  • Secrets of Piggies
  • Strange Rock
  • Vampire Mask


  • 1IQ Diary
  • BTS Meal
  • Bobux
  • Camera
  • Earth Scroll
  • Fancy Hat
  • Flushed Ball
  • Gaster Blaster
  • Holy Corpse
  • Heaven Scroll
  • Purple Guy’s Hat
  • Mysterious Banana
  • Robin Picture
  • Shiny Arrow
  • Sonic Ring
  • Sword Pack 1
  • True Diary


  • Aja Mask
  • Boa Picture
  • Darkheart and Linked
  • Determination
  • Diavolo’s Requiem Arrow
  • Fist of the Pot Diary
  • Grass Block
  • Guest Hat
  • Gum Fruit
  • Hell Diary
  • Hell Arrow
  • Hie Hie No Mi
  • Menacing Diary
  • Mera Mera No Mi
  • Nami Picture
  • Pudding Picture
  • Paper
  • Sandai
  • Shard of Glass
  • Sword Pack 2
  • Shisui


  • Script
  • True Power


  • Cursed Power

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My Modded Day Map Location

Map Location

A similar replica of the world of MMD shows all islands and viable places. (may add NPCs later)



  • Total HP: 1510
  • Spawn time (1 Hour)

Drops: Ben’s Phone (75%)

  • 1st Phase: Ben Is sitting on a chair with 10hp
  • 2nd Phase: Ben stands up walk towards anyone who is the closest to him with 1500hp

Wandering Dead Soul

A boss that spawns every 15 minutes Upon hitting a killing the soul, it will turn into a different spirit, which will then start attacking you.

Fallen Spirit Girl

1/3 bosses after hitting [Wandering Dead Soul].

  • This boss has no attack moves and walks slowly, this is the easiest boss out of the spirits.
  • Health (500HP)
  • Has a 1/3 chance to drop Special Arrow

With that I bring this Trello guide to its end. It is necessary to keep in mind that this Trello guide will be updated whenever fundamental changes are made to the gameplay.

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