Roblox That Crazy Adventure: Official Trello & Discord Links

That Crazy Adventure, a mega cool game on Roblox by Pitfall Interactive. It’s like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, you know, the manga and anime?

So, in this game, you go on a wild journey through different maps, finding these powers called “Stands” that help you win battles against bad guys and bosses!

Now, in this guide, we’re going to spill all the secrets about the That Crazy Adventure Trello & Discord pages. We’ll show you what’s inside, where to find it, and even share the official links!

It’s going to be so much fun, and you won’t want to miss out. So, without any more waiting, let’s jump into the excitement of That Crazy Adventure!

Official That Crazy Adventure Game Trello link

Official That Crazy Adventure Skins Trello link

Official That Crazy Adventure Discord link

That Crazy Adventure Game Modes


In this game mode, you fight another person in an arena. You have 2 lives and if you lose all your lives then you lose, but if you take all the opponent’s lives then you win.


In this game mode, you choose between multiple minigame to play and try to win in.

Team Death Match

In this minigame, you are put on either red or blue team. You kill the members of the other team to get kills for your team, and whichever team gets the most kills wins.


In this minigame, you are put into an arena with everyone else in the lobby, and you deal damage to gain points. Whoever has dealt the most damage by the end wins.

Arrow Shuffle

In this minigame there is an arrow in the middle of the map, grabbing it and holding onto it gains you points for however long you held it. However, if you take enough damage, you lose the arrow and someone else can pick it up. Whoever holds it for the longest wins.


In this minigame, a random person is assigned Juggernaut and all the other players have to kill them. Juggernaut gets their health and damage buffed, and they are unaffected by stun. If the Juggernaut is killed, the regular players win, but if the Juggernaut kills everyone, then they win.

Why do players search for That Crazy Adventure Trello?

It’s like a magical board that helps you keep track of everything in the game. I know, it sounds fancy, but it’s actually like having a treasure map for all the exciting stuff in That Crazy Adventure!

You can find tips, guides, and even talk to the game creators or other players about getting those awesome new skins

What will you find inside That Crazy Adventure Trello?

Inside a That Crazy Adventure Trello page, you’ll find a variety of different boards, each with its own set of information. Some boards you might find are: Controls, Updates, Beginner Guide, Bug Reports, Promo Codes, Stands list, Maps, character skins, etc.

Okay, so that’s all the stuff you got to know about That Crazy Adventure Trello and Discord! If you want more cool Roblox things, just look at the list below,