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In takt op. Symphony, music has become both a weapon and a source of hope. It is your responsibility as a conductor to guide and lead the Musicarts, girls who hold a great power of music scores. Together, you’ll fight battles, unleashing harmonious symphonies to defeat the forces threatening humanity.

The game offers a gorgeous cast of Musicart characters, each with their own unique personality and abilities inspired by classic musical compositions such as Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 and Mozart’s Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

These characters are brought to life by the gifted Japanese illustrator LAM, whose fascinating designs are guaranteed to appeal to both RPG and music fans alike.

But the battles won’t be won through music alone. Strategic thinking and tactical decisions are key to victory. As you go on, you’ll discover powerful drink combos that can boost the abilities of your your Musicart and offer you an edge in challenging tasks.

To help you progress quickly, I’ve gathered some takt op. Symphony beginner tips to help you navigate the game easily.

So, let’s dive right in!

takt op. Symphony: Beginner Tips as FAQs

How do I obtain Musicarts?

You can get Musicarts in the Score Room using Friendship Score. But remember, some Musicarts can’t be obtained there, so keep an eye out for special events.

How do I obtain Memories?

Head to the Dream Score Reading section of the Score Room to get Memories using Friendship Score. Additionally, you can exchange Memory Currency for certain Memories in the Regular Shop.

How do I get Echomonds?

There are seven ways to get Echomonds:

  • a. Daily Activity
  • b. Training Plan
  • c. Achievement
  • d. “Guidance of Destiny” Event
  • e. Daily Sign-In
  • f. Story
  • g. Battle Simulation

How do I obtain Musicart Notes?

You can get Musicart Notes in two ways:

  • a. By repeatedly obtaining Musicarts in score reading, you’ll earn Notes and corresponding Musicart Notes.
  • b. Exchange Notes for your Musicarts’ Notes in the Regular Shop under Musicart’s Notes.

How do I acquire Friendship Scores?

You can obtain Friendship Scores in two ways:

  • a. Exchange Echomonds for Friendship Scores in the Regular Shop’s Friendship Score Shop.
  • b. Progress through the story.

How do I obtain Note Coins?

Take on Legato Assault in Comission Battle to earn Note Coins.

How do I obtain Sound Conductors?

Take part in Legato Assault in Comission Battle to get Sound Conductors. Here is an updated takt op. Symphony Soundcore Guide.

How do I obtain Specks?

Participate in Trial Realm in Comission Battle to rank up Scales and earn Specks.

How do I obtain Memory Foam?

Join the Cadenza Battle in Comission Battle to level up Memories and obtain Memory Foam.

How do I obtain Memory upgrade materials?

Defeat enemies in the Cadenza Battle of Comission Battle to acquire Resonato Separators for upgrading Memories.

How do I obtain Tea Break Items?

Visit the Cafeteria and make a drink using Tea Break Materials.

How do I obtain Tea Break Materials?

Purchase Tea Break Materials with Consonance from the Regular Shop’s Tea Break Shop.

How do I obtain Memory Currencies?

You can obtain Memory Currencies by dismantling Memories. Note that dismantling R Memories gives Note Coins, SR Memories provide Normal Memory Currencies, and SSR Memories grant Rare Memory Currencies.

How do I obtain Consonance?

You can get Consonance from Tea Break, Mutarot, and Invitation Missions.

How do I obtain Biscuits?

To recover Stamina, you can use Biscuits. Each Biscuit restores 60 Stamina. You can get Biscuits from daily tasks and some gift packs.

How do I skip/speed up cutscenes?

Unfortunately, this function isn’t available in this version of the game.

How do I redeem a gift code?

To redeem a gift code, tap on the icon at the top right of the main interface, open the main menu, and click on the gift pack icon at the bottom right. Enter your gift code in the pop-up interface to redeem it.

How do I Reroll?

Here are the steps to reroll in takt op. Symphony.

What is Mutarot?

Mutarot is a fun card game. The goal is simple: get rid of all your cards before your opponent does.

These are just some of the beginner tips to get you started in takt op. Symphony. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks!

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