Takt Op. Symphony Dialogue Choices Guide

Not sure how to navigate the intricate web of dialogue choices in takt op. Symphony? Worry not, I have got you covered!

As I went deep into this masterpiece, I soon discovered that every interaction holds significance. Each word uttered and decision made can shape the course of relationships and unravel the mysteries that lie within the symphonic tapestry of the game’s narrative.

In this Takt Op. Symphony dialogue choices guide, I will present all the dialogue choices, exploring their impact on the overall experience.

Now, without further ado lets get started!

Takt Op. Symphony Dialogue Choices Guide

The options in the bold text are what I recommend you to select:

1-1 1/1 1/1: Destiny OK! This is the only way…
1-2 5/5 1/5: Twinkle Star Forge a contract What is a contract?
2/5: Destiny Not scared…. Scared….
3/5: Jupiter It’s true It was almost all thanks to Destiny…
4/5: Carmen Touch hands Touch other places (Not Horny)
5/5: Carmen So, what exactly was it all for…? I would take comfort in being like you all.
1-3 6/6 2/6: Twinkle Star Yes, we are. || +1 Victory You can rest now.
4/6: Jupiter No worries, leave it to us! || +1 Victory I’ll be careful.
6/6: Carmen Well, it’s better than being reckless. || +1 Victory Perhaps so.
2-2 4/4 1/4: Twinkle Star Just talk to her -J
2/4: Carmen Cosmetics Snacks || Lingerie
3/4: Jupiter Just talk to her -J
4/4: Jupiter Beverage? Replacement Clothing? || …
2-4 1/1 1/1: Twinkle Go right after spawning in the Mall. Just talk to the only bearded male NPC with the Talk option. -J NA
3-3 1/1 1/1: Destiny Automatically given NA
3-4 2/2 1/2: Walkure You’re really straightforward. Even so, I still want to thank you.
2/2: Carmen What do you mean? Did you notice something?
3-6 1/1 1/1 Automatically given
3-7 1/1 1/1: Twinkle Automatically given
4-2 1/1 1/1: Walkure Rationalize Stay silent. || Press for answers
4-6 1/1 1/1: Bolero I can really sense it. || I’m not quite sure… So it’s still… not possible…
5-3 1/1 1/1: Daphnis & Chloe Thank you for coming over to say hello. What do you want anyway?
5-4 4/4 1/4: Air on G String Approach her. Stare.
2/4: Belkis I’m just showing her around. That wouldn’t be too bad.
3/4: Belkis Automatically given
4/4: Air on G String
5-5 1/1 1/1: Belkis Automatically given

As we reach the final crescendo of this dialogue choices guide for takt op. Symphony, I hope that this harmonious expedition has given you necessary knowledge about each Musicart.

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