takt op. Symphony Investment Guide: Your Melodic Path to Success

This takt op. Symphony Investment guide may not be flawless, but I’ll do my best to provide you with useful insights for your journey.

The mechanics and strategies of the game might change in the future, so please be aware of that. Stay connected with the community and keep refining your tactics as you continue your melodic adventure.

That being said! Let’s get started!

takt op. Symphony Investment Guide

Focus on Your Main Team:

Start by concentrating your efforts on building and strengthening your main team of beloved Musicarts. Aim to reach Musicart level 25-30, as you may encounter level restrictions in Story and Battle Simulation stages beyond this point.

Unlock all their skills by Scale 6 (level 25), and ensure your Memory level is at least 30. While waiting for high-rarity Soundcores, refrain from levelling them up unless you acquire rainbow ones with desired stats, as they can greatly enhance your Soundtrack buffs.

Branch Out to Secondary Teams:

Once your main team feels well-rounded and satisfying, it’s time to expand your horizons and invest in a secondary team. Remember to share Memories and Soundcores between teams to optimize their performance.

Aim for diversity by selecting Musicarts from different classes, avoiding the mistake of investing heavily in a single class. Variety will make scaling material farming more manageable, preventing unnecessary struggles.

Expedition Preparation:

Prepare your Mystery, Eternity, and Fantasy teams for the rotating Expedition battles. Fortunately, Mystery and Fantasy teams have overlapping units, such as Fantaisie, Walkure, and Fledermaus.

Consider building either Walkure or Fledermaus, as they both fulfill the Warden role in both Mystery and Fantasy teams. Bolero is a versatile Musicart, belonging to both Mystery and Eternity, and serves as a battery for notes, enabling your team to spam Peak Performances.

For the rest of your Mystery and Fantasy teams, options like Bolero (with leader buff), Moonlight, Destiny, Swan Lake, and Elise are solid choices.

Commissioned Battles Strategy:

In Commissioned Battles, Fantasy and Mystery Musicarts share buffs in the Red Harmony/Soundcore farming stages, while Struggle and Eternity share buffs in the Blue stages.

Jollity and Romance share buffs in the Green stages, though these factions may not currently be the strongest.

For now, prioritize building Fantasy/Mystery and Struggle/Eternity teams. Solid options from Romance include Spring, Elise, Belkis, and Swan Lake, while Nutcracker, Autumn, and Titan shine in the Jollity faction.

Keep an eye out for potential future improvements to these factions.

Stage-Specific Strategies:

  • EXP Stages: Utilize powerful AoE damage dealers like Titan, Erlking, Carmen, and Belkis to swiftly achieve battle achievements.
  • Scale Material Stages: Focus on building a well-rounded team with diverse roles to effectively eliminate frontline and backline enemies.
  • Note Coin Stages: Deploy single-target Musicarts, such as Fantasy, Destiny, Moonlight, and Swan Lake, for optimal results.
  • Memory Stages: Utilize Fantaisie and Musicarts with high critical hit rates to crit the frog summon in the Golden Spinning Wheel battle. For the Bell Tree stage, bring Destiny, whose counterattacks swiftly remove damage reduction buffs.

And there you have it! My scuffed but earnest takt op. Symphony investment guide. Remember, focus on your main team, reach Musicart level 25-30, and unlock all their skills. Now, go conquer the symphony!

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