takt op. Symphony Tier List of best Musicart (September 2023)

takt op. Symphony is an enchanting symphonic RPG mobile game that beckons you to restore harmony and ignite the light of hope once again.

In this game, the fate of humanity rests in the hands of the brave Musicarts – girls who possess the power of music scores. As a conductor, your role is pivotal in guiding these talented girls to fight against the monstrous D2 and restore harmony to a world bereft of music.

To help you pick the best Musicarts, I just wanted to share my takt op. Symphony tier list. So, scroll down to find the detailed rankings.

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takt op. Symphony Best Characters
Image by Clashiverse

takt op. Symphony Tier List

S-Tier Musicarts:

  • Walkure – She’s a 3-Star Warden and one of the strongest bruisers in the game. She can take hits and deal decent damage to enemies. Her abilities like Peak Performance and Walkure’s Healing make her a great choice for tanking and supporting allies.
  • Belkis – A 3-Star Magu, Belkis is one of the best AOE-damage dealers among mages. She’s tough to obtain but deals massive damage with abilities like Making An Example and Intimidating Command.
  • Fledermaus – Another 3-Star Warden, she is an excellent tank. She can protect allies, heal their HP, and provide Shield buffs. Her ability Friend or Foe and Mortality Kiss make her a solid asset to any team.
  • Erlking – This 3-Star Magus is a great magic DPS musicart. He synergizes well with Daphnis and Chloe and can deal huge damage to enemies with abilities like Saccharine Seduction and Elimination.
  • Fantaisie Impromptu – The only good 3-Star DPS musicart, she is a Warden. With her abilities like Vortex Hammer and Fling Hammer, she can deal high physical damage and stun enemies.

A-Tier Musicarts:

  • Jupiter – A 2-Star Warden, Jupiter can provide protection to allies and increase their attack. Her abilities like Warmup and Meteor Crash is good for tanking and supporting.
  • Moonlight – A 2-Star Gunner, she deals increased damage to distant enemies and has a permanent speed boost. Her abilities Mystic Musings and Moon Shadows allow her to deal damage and reposition herself in battle effectively.
  • Daphnis and Chloe – This 2-Star Restorer excels at healing allies and dealing damage to enemies. With abilities like Healing Staff and Seeing Hope, they can provide support while keeping the team healthy.
  • Canon – Another 2-Star Restorer, Canon can deal damage based on the enemy’s lost HP and grant shields to allies. Abilities like Dancing Hand in Hand and Sing Together make her a versatile support musicart.

B-Tier Musicarts:

  • Destiny – She is a 1-Star Blader, she has strong single-target damage with abilities like Rampage. While she may not be as powerful as higher-tier musicarts, she can still hold her own.
  • Carmen – A 1-Star musicart, her abilities focus on inflicting debuffs on enemies. She may not deal massive damage but can provide some utility to the team.
  • The Nutcracker – Another 1-Star musicart having average damage-dealing abilities. Lacks the versatility and strength of higher-tier options.

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Remember, this takt op. Symphony tier list is just a reference and everyone’s experiences may vary. You are free to use it as inspiration when building your teams, but don’t feel obligated to follow it strictly. If you need help rerolling in the game – takt op. Symphony reroll guide is a must-read.

Best Character in takt op. Symphony

Walkure is the Best Characters in takt op. Symphony
Image by Clashiverse

The best character in the game is none other than Walkure. She is an absolute powerhouse and a game-changer on the battlefield.

Let’s dive into her base stats first:

Information Base Stats Numbers
Class HP 411
Warden Speed 84
Factions Phys. Atk 79
Struggle Phys. Def 71
Fantasy Mag. Atk 11
VA: Mag. Def 40
Uesaka Sumire Crit Rate 0.80%
Release Date Crit Dmg 30%
28th June 2023 (JP/GL) Crit Res 5.00%
Gacha Type Crit Dmg Res 0%
General Pool Stamina 20

There’s more to her than her base stats. Let’s find more about her skills and abilities:

  • Passive Ability: She has got this insane passive ability that hooks up two of her allies behind her whenever she attacks. They get 2 stacks of [Protection] for 2 turns, keeping them safe.
  • Active Ability: Before attacking, she boosts her physical attack by adding a huge 50% of her physical defence to it. She then deals damage to all enemies equal to 130% of her physical attack. She also recovers HP equal to the damage she deals.
  • Healing Skill (Blue +1): When she upgrades her Healing skill to Blue +1, she sets up a shield that boosts both her physical and magical defence by a solid 30% for 2 turns. That means she becomes a tank, soaking up all the damage.
  • Imminent Victory Skill (Red +1): This skill is pure devastation. When she upgrades it to Red +1, she smacks her target with her shield, dealing damage equal to 110% of her physical attack. She also slaps the enemy with [Shatter] for 2 turns. What’s [Shatter]? It drops the enemy’s physical defence by a massive 20%.
  • Walkure Guard Skill (Red +1): In this move, she deals damage to a single enemy for 135% of her physical attack. And as if that wasn’t enough, she also moves herself one space forward.
  • Heart of Valhalla Ability: When she takes a physical attack, there’s a 50% chance she’ll heal the ally with the lowest HP for about 60% of her physical defence.
  • Feather Protection: At the start of battle, she gains one stack of Protection for two allies behind her.

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