Tower Defense RISE Tier List & Guide February 2024: Best Units

With our new best units in the Tower Defense RISE tier list, you’ll be able to tap into your inner min-maxer, because we’re digging deep into the stats and skills of every single unit in this Roblox experience.

Before we go full tilt, remember this unit tier list is just MY opinion, based on the early access and lag in the coliseum. If you got your own favourites, feel free to shout them out in the comments.

Enough with the chit-chat, let’s crack open this Tower Defense RISE unit tier list and guide.

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Tower Defense RISE Tier List for February 2024: Our best hero recommendations

Tower Defense RISE (S-Tier)


Meet W, the playful trickster in the battle arena!


  • Jack in The Box: W loves surprises! Drop a bomb that arms in 6 seconds. When foes come close, BOOM! It explodes, dealing 175% Physical AOE damage.

Passive Skill:

  • :3 Attack: W’s regular attacks spread joy and damage! They cause AOE damage, making enemies go “Wow!”

Special Move:

  • D12 Explosion: W places bombs on up to 4 enemies, choosing the strong ones first. After 3 seconds, kaboom! The bombs erupt, causing a massive 220% Physical AOE damage.


Meet Saber, the awesome character with incredible skills!


  • Wind Storms: Saber can unleash mighty Wind Storms, hitting enemies with 40% Magic AOE damage in a straight line three times.


  • Master Swordsman: Saber’s normal attack is super powerful, dealing 75% of attack damage two times.


  • EXCALIBUR!!!!!: This magical attack deals a massive 500% Magic AOE damage in a straight line.



  • Tanjiro’s special move adds extra strong hits in the next attack.


  • When this power is on, Tanjiro stays still but attacks enemies who try to block. He becomes faster, deals more damage, and even heals a bit every second. And he also gets super tough armour at level 5!

Tower Defense RISE (A-Tier)



  • Railgun: Zaps enemies with a powerful railgun, dealing 250% magical AOE damage in a straight line.


  • Electricity: Regular electric attacks jump to nearby enemies, spreading the shock!


  • Electrify Boost: Releases an electric storm, slowing down enemies by 35% and supercharging the unit’s attack speed and damage.



  • Demon Binding: Use it from far away! It does 160% Magic AOE damage.


  • Yokai Buster: When Reimu gets up close, she deals 150% Physical damage, but her attacks take a bit longer. Also, when she attacks from a distance, it’s 80% Magic damage.


  • Fantasy Seal: Activate this and Reimu stops moving but attacks faster! It changes her normal attack to 55% Magic damage for 12 seconds. But be patient, you can only use it every 180 seconds.


Genya is a super awesome skill based character.


  • Skill 1: The next attack is like a powerful punch, dealing 275% Physical damage and healing 20% of max HP.
  • Skill 2: When Genya’s HP is less than 50%, it’s like activating a superpower for 15 seconds. During this time, the cooldown for Skill 2 gets a 50% reduction, and Genya gains a massive 250 attack damage. Just keep in mind, it needs a bit of a break with a 70 seconds cooldown.


  • When not blocking, she can use a shotgun blast, firing for 60% Physical AOE damage 2 times.



  • Headshot: Enhances damage and ignores stronger armour.


  • Armor-piercing Bullet: Attack ignores some armour.
  • Zoom…: Skill “Headshot” is now global range.

Tower Defense RISE (B-Tier)



  • Each time you make a hit, you get faster and stronger by 5%! The more hits you make, the faster you become. But, you have to keep hitting because it resets after 3 seconds.



  • Galloping Tilt: Zoom around with a superfast dash, making your attacks 150% more powerful for 3 whole seconds.
  • For Justice: Level up your first skill to a huge 200%, plus get a boost of 100% attack speed for 3 seconds.



  • BOCCHI THE GLOCK: Deals 150% Magical Damage


  • THE GLOCK: Multi shot skill ‘BOCCHI THE GLOCK!’ Attack more targets.



  • Gives the blocked enemy 150% damage.


  • When skill 1 is active, increase 50 armour for 4 seconds.

Tower Defense RISE (C-Tier)



  • Skill 1: Deals decent AOE Damage.


  • Passive 1: After using Skill 1, it increases own damage for 4 seconds.



  • Critical: Damage is increased by 200% in the next attack.
  • Trace on: Attack enemies who are within striking distance by spawning a sword.


  • Caladbolg II: Range is set to global until the arrows (3) run out. (Maxing out the unit allows you to shoot more arrows.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is W the best unit in Tower Defense RISE?

W’s all about surprise attacks and massive AOE damage. Jack in the Box is a blast to enemies (literally!), and D12 Explosion lets W take out whole groups with ease.

Saber sounds awesome, but why not S-Tier?

Saber’s single-target focus puts him at a slight disadvantage compared to W’s crowd control. EXCALIBUR is a monster attack, but it’s not as flexible as W’s bomb abilities.

Genya sounds like a hidden gem in A-Tier! What’s the deal?

Genya’s skill-based style rewards strategic timing and resource management. He can be incredibly powerful in the right hands, but mastering him takes practice.

And that’s our full Tower Defense RISE tier list for February 2024. If you’re looking for some other recommendations, you should give our collection of tier list below a quick look.