Triumph Fantasy RPG Tier List [NEW] (Best Heroes in 2023)

Introducing the updated Triumph Fantasy RPG Tier List – your ultimate guide to assembling the most powerful team in this thrilling future-fantasy RPG. You set out on a wild adventure in this game, fighting against ancient evil, carrying out tasks, and taking part in intense multiplayer combat.

In the vast world of Triumph Fantasy RPG, where ages have come and gone, you must gather a band of heroes to fight against an encroaching darkness. Empires have risen and fallen, and now the fate of all existence is at stake. Your goal is to unite the champions of five realms for only together can they forge a path towards a brighter future.

Your first step towards triumph begins with collecting unique heroes each having their own abilities. From mighty warriors to cunning mages, you’ll need to carefully choose your team members to create a strong force that can withstand any enemy.

To aid you in this heroic endeavor, we present the Triumph Fantasy RPG tier list—a carefully curated ranking of all the heroes based on their incredible abilities.

Let’s jump right into the action!

Triumph Fantasy RPG Tier List (S Tier)

These heroes are your top picks if you want to dominate Triumph Fantasy RPG with style. They have exceptional abilities and traits that can tip the odds of battle in your favour. Check them out:

  • Ghost the White Widow (Fighter): Ghost’s spectral powers strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. With his ethereal abilities, he becomes a relentless force that cannot be stopped.
  • Flora the Micilia Mother (Enchanter): Flora’s connection with nature grants her the ability to heal and support her allies. Harness the essence of life and restore hope to your team.
  • Rusty the Iron Juggernaut (Tank): When it comes to defense and soaking up damage, Rusty is your dependable shield. He’ll protect your team with his sturdy armor and engage enemies head-on. He also debuffs enemies, reducing their attack power for 8 seconds.
  • Roslyn the Dawn Queen (Fighter): She possesses a unique ability to inflict extra damage on enemy based on their current health percentage. For every 10% of health her target is lacking, they will endure supplementary damage.
  • Ace the Hotshot (Marksman): Ace is an unstoppable force due to his deadly accuracy and fine aim. He repeatedly attacks a target with Spark by his side, doing major damage possibly triggering the Burn effect.
  • Hopper the Whirlwind (Enchanter): Your team becomes strengthened by her mystical enchantments, which increase their abilities. She is a need for every team because of her buffs, healing, and cleansing abilities.
  • Ecco the Eyes of the Storm (Marksman): Ecco harnesses the power of the storm, delivering electrifying attacks that shock your enemies into submission. Unleash the fury of lightning and rain down destruction.
  • Deadeye the Reaper (Mage): With devastating magical abilities, Deadeye dominates the battlefield, obliterating enemies left and right. He excels in dealing damage and has self-healing abilities. Great for PvP and PvE battles.

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Triumph Fantasy RPG Tier List (A Tier)

These champions can make a big difference to your victory even though they aren’t quite at the level of the S Tier heroes. Take a peek at these mighty contenders:

  • Kira the Speed Demon (Fighter): She is the agile melee hero who excels at disrupting enemies with her swift movement and crowd-control abilities. She can silence enemies, steal attack power, and enhance her own capabilities.
  • Duncan the People’s Shield (Tank): Duncan’s unwavering dedication to protecting his allies makes him a stalwart defender. You simply rally your team and let Duncan shield them from harm.
  • Serra the Star Scholar (Enchanter): She is an Enchanter from the Bastion faction and she is also a good alternative to Hopper. She can heal allies, remove Stun effects, and buff stats temporarily. Her passive skill grants immunity to Stun.
  • Bjorn the Northpaw (Tank): Bjorn is an unbreakable defensive wall thanks to his incredible strength and stamina. Let Bjorn take the lead while you hold your ground. He knocks enemies back while doing damage, stunning them for up to 6 seconds.
  • Bowie the Ghost Blade (Marksman): Bowie is an ideal pick if you’re searching for a strong ranged multitarget hero. She slows down her targets with her knife-flurry abilities. Even enemies who are affected by the Slowed effect have their defences reduced by her third skill.
  • Eden the Natural Mystic (Mage): Eden, a mage from the Oasis faction, is a ranged hero with crowd-control capabilities. Her skills include applying the Entangle negative effect, summoning a damaging pet, and casting a shield that reflects damage.
  • Jasper the Monrock Wiz (Enchanter): Jasper’s mastery of ancient runes grants him unparalleled control over the battlefield. You can use his arcane symbols and bend the flow of battle to your will.
  • Fang the Molten Berserker (Fighter): Fang’s fiery rage fuels his deadly attacks. Simply harness the power of the inferno and scorch your enemies into oblivion.
  • Hunter the Silent Striker (Marksman): Hunter strikes from the shadows, delivering deadly blows without a sound. Silence your enemies and leave them wondering what hit them.

Triumph Fantasy RPG Tier List (B Tier)

Despite not being the best, these heroes still have their strengths and can help your team succeed. While not the most outstanding, they are reliable choices for various situations:

  • Jubei the Jade Dragon (Marksman): Jubei’s precision and agility make him a nimble and deadly opponent. You can unleash his martial arts abilities to defeat your enemies.
  • Neko the Fortunate One (Enchanter): Neko’s luck-based abilities can turn the tide of battle in your favor. It let’s you embrace good fortune and let luck guide your path to victory.
  • Dark Star the Eternal Revenant (Fighter): Dark Star channels dark energy to deal devastating attacks on enemies. Simply embrace the shadows and let darkness consume your enemies.
  • Scarlet the Gearhead (Enchanter): Her technological skills grants her the ability to control machines and gadgets. She embraces the power of technology and makes gears turn the tide of battle.
  • Jormun the Fork Tongued (Mage): Jormun’s arcane knowledge grants him the power to manipulate minds and unravel his enemies’ defenses. You can even twist reality with his eldritch spells.
  • Sura the Heavy Handed (Tank): Sura’s massive strength and brute force is strong presence on the battlefield. Sura can unleash devastating blows that shake the earth.
  • Magnus the Cool Cat (Fighter): Magnus strikes with a combination of grace and aggression. He can use his inner feline cunning to outwit opponents.
  • Willow the Twilight Child (Fighter): Willow has extraordinary powers owing to her connection to the spiritual world. She makes advantage of the twilight’s power to make shadows dance as you choose.

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Triumph Fantasy RPG Tier List (C Tier)

Although these heroes are not recommended for serious players, they may prove useful in the early stages of the game.

  • Rave the Shadow Caster (Mage): Rave’s control over shadow magic is still in its infancy. While not the strongest spellcaster, he can provide some crowd control capabilities.
  • Drifter the Lone Stranger (Marksman): His aim is as unsteady as his name suggests. While lacking finesse, he can still provide ranged support in the early stages of the game.
  • Surge the Rising Son (Fighter): Surge is still developing his combat strategies, but with time and practise, he could become an elite fighter. Utilise him to level up and gain experience.
  • Shade the Paranormal Pilgrim (Enchanter): Shade’s understanding of the mystical arts is limited, but she can still provide some basic support to your team. Upgrade her as you progress.
  • Rok the Stone Philosopher (Tank): Rok’s stoic nature and resilience make him a decent tank for the early stages of the game. Use him to absorb damage while you build a stronger team.

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So there you have it, brave adventurers! We’ve explored the Triumph Fantasy RPG tier list, showcasing the best heroes in the game. From the mighty champions of the S Tier to the reliable contenders of the A and B Tiers, each hero brings their unique skills and abilities to the battlefield.

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