What is Tea Break in takt op. Symphony?

Tea Break in takt op. Symphony is a special feature where you can invite and have conversations with the Musicarts to strengthen your relationships. It is a way to bond with the Musicarts and improve the connection between the Conductors and the Musicarts in the game.

To initiate a Tea Break, you need to make drinks. The ingredients for the drinks can be found in various locations, such as shops or areas with shiny lights on the ground that give out ingredients or other rewards like coins. Making the drinks is a straightforward process and doesn’t take much time.

Each Musicart in the game has a favourite drink. If you select their favourite drink, indicated by hearts on the drink, you unlock additional conversation topics with the Musicarts. However, if the favourite drink is not chosen, that’s okay, but the special conversation section will not be available.

You also have the option to only give drinks to the Musicarts without engaging in conversations. This can be activated by clicking on the box located on top of the drinks section.

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