Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising: Lancelot Combos Guide 2024

SIR MIX-A-LOT better known as Lancelot is a primary rushdown character in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising. His quick close-range buttons paired with safe rekka pressure and unique movement allow him to stay on top of his opponent.

We are going to talk about his tools in neutral as well as strings, combos, and much more.

Lancelot Movesets Guide – Strategy and Normals [Primer]

Lancelot’s normals are primarily close-range oriented but he is not without good pokes. Let’s break down each normal and the importance of said normal:

5L: First and foremost, Lance’s 5L is 5F startup and +2 on block. This does not come with a far version unlike most of the cast. This is a plus because it means by it connecting you are always able to get an auto combo. 

2L: It is a 6f low that links into itself, which can be cancelled into Light Southern Cross for a knockdown if you sense that your opponent is walking back.

Links into 5L & 5M on standing hit. Links into 2M, f.M and 5H on crouching hit.

5M: (RIP THE GOAT): is a 6F button that is 0 on the block. Now while the recent patch reduced the frame advantage (RIP TO THE GOAT) the button still can maintain its prior usage for trying to crush the opponent.

If you have momentum, however, be careful because the momentum may allow your opponent to get their close 5L. So in other words, if they are Ferry (WITHOUT DP), Metera, Ladiva, and Vaseraga you could use this button to start pressure.

f.M: A 7f mids being – is -5/-1. If you’re using this normal, you are either going to cancel this normal into Southern Cross (214x) on Block or into Light Blade Impulse (66L) on Hit. 

2M: NEW TO THIS SEASON, this button is a 6f mid that now links from his 2L. It has less range than 5M but has a better frame advantage being -2/+2. Convert into Light or Heavy Southern Cross on opponents you want to stop from walking back.

5H: THIS IS A 7F normal that hits twice making it very easy to hit confirm and is your ideal combo starter/punisher. Note that the CH does not carry over to the second hit of 5H so if you want your BDD you’ll cancel it always on the first hit.

2H: I’m going to repeat this statement four times to EMPHASIZE the importance of this normal. THIS IS YOUR ANTI-AIR. THIS IS YOUR ANTI-AIR. THIS IS YOUR ANTI-AIR. THIS IS YOUR ANTI-AIR. This normal starts up in 10f and WHEN YOU HIT YOUR OPPONENT FOR JUMPING AT YOU, YOU DO LIGHT SOUTHERN CROSS. 

*Assuming midscreen.

The reason you do a single Light Southern Cross is that after the first one, you can visually confirm whether your 2H hit counter hit or not. 

  • If it did not, you complete the Southern Cross having the second and third hit connect to score an easy knockdown and some damage. 
  • IF IT HIT CH, you hit 5H AFTER WHIFFING THE FIRST REKKA and finish the combo how you like.

fH: This normal is also 10f startup and is your farthest reaching poke so if you need to whiff punish something for heavy damage. This is your go-to tool. It can always combo into Light Blade Impulse and SOMETIMES can combo into EX Blade Impulse (range dependent). 

2U: 8F of sliding into the DMs. Hard knockdown sweep that slides under projectiles and will be one of your best tools versus zoners like Djeeta, Gran or Katalina…. (Don’t use this against Perci’s projectile. Just saying.)

j.L: This is the button you want to use if you want to AIR TO AIR someone. Otherwise, this normal isn’t that good for hitting grounded opponents.

j.M: This is your only air normal that will cross up opponents and is your primary air tool in terms of cross-ups. It’s also the air normal that you’ll whiff in instances that you want to fake out your opponent before going low.

j.H: This button is a degenerate LMFAO. Your opponent will have to guess if this button is going to hit twice airborne or if one will hit and you get to clip their tools.


Frame Traps:

Lancelot’s 5L and 2L are all +2 on block making them very strong pressure tools when used in tandem with each other (2L > 2L, c.M > 2L > 2M etc). Any mixture of these three buttons will result in a counter hit on your opponent if they decide to press a button during your pressure string. Try mixing it up with your opponent 

While Lancelot’s c.M is no longer +2, if you have no momentum the pushback on 5M  because it is 6f and there are characters with no 5f normal like I stated previously. (Ferry (WITHOUT DP), Metera, Ladiva, and Vaseraga), you could use this normal to frame trap people and beat them out due to the crush/priority system.

Rekka Pressure:

As I mentioned earlier in this guide, Lancelot has a special move, Southern Cross (214x). The light and medium versions can be used to extend your pressure while also looking for a counter-hit. When cancelled from an auto combo, the L version of Southern Cross is a true blockstring meaning the opponent is forced to block.

The M version, however, creates a gap large enough to frame-trap your opponent. Note that this gap can be interrupted using invincible moves.  

Note: If you get a CH register on L Rekka and they are standing, you can combo into 5L. If they are crouching, you can combo into 5M. If the CH was from M Rekka AND they are crouching, you can 5L. If they are standing and M Rekka CH, complete the rekka chain.

Delaying Rekka 2:

The second follow-up of the rekka can be delayed to catch your opponent trying to press a button after the first rekka. This is an important part of the rekka pressure game mixing between one and two rekkas:

Unique Mechanics

Wall Jump:

Lancelot has an interesting wall jump that allows him to jump off of the wall while cornered, from two angles. One coming down (3) and one going up (9).

I prefer to think of the downward wall jump as an offensive wall jump that can be used to double overhead people or continue your pressure. The upward wall jump is a defensive one that can be used to bait anti-air and DPS.

While slowed down as of this patch, it is still a good escape tool from the corner provided your opponent does not call it out.


Essentially, this is a fast fall that’s pretty good if used in conjunction with a super jump, as it’ll allow you to bait out anti-airs (sans certain DPs) and then punish them in recovery.

Useful in the mirror match specifically. If they use a crouching anti-air and you land in time to punish go for 2L > 5H for max damage and wokeness. 


This is Lance’s unique action which is a pretty good dash that has various follow-ups.

5U > 5U:  This brings your dash to an abrupt stop. This CAN be used if you are trying to confirm off CH 2H when you don’t have Southern Cross. . . but you should always have Southern Cross.

5U > 4U: This move is a feint that can be used to bait out certain moves and punish. 

5U > 6U: This dash allows you to pass through your opponent and is typically used in conjunction with Ex Wogenstrom (236H). Buffed this recent patch to leave you closer to the opponent after switching sides.

5U > 8U: This dash allows you to jump and puts you in a lower airborne state than Turbulenz (22X) without the actual cooldown which is pretty great since it allows you to get a safe jump of Ex Blade Impulse and Ex Rekka.


Universally certain moves are plus enough on hit that they can be followed up by another move (outside of auto combo) and still combo.

This is called a “link.” Lancelot has quite a few of these but here are a few that are particularly handy for Lance:

2L/5L > 5M

2L > 5L

2L > 2L

2L > 5M* (works on crouching opponents)

5L/2L > 5H

5L > 2L > 2M/5H* (2M is for standing opponents, 5H is for crouching)


Counter Hit:

5H (1) > 236H 

5M > 5M/5H

22H > 5H > Win Condition 

Light Rekka (1) > 5LXX (Standing)

                                > 5MXX (Crouching)

Medium Rekka (1) > 5LXX (Crouching)

Light/Medium Rekka (2) > 5LXX (Crouching) 

Fireball > 5M > Light Rekka Chain

Lancelot Combos Guide


Auto Combo > LMH Rekka (Corner Carry)

  • > Light Blade Impulse (midscreen) 
  • > Ex Blade Impulse (Safe Jump*)
  • > SBA/SSBA (SSBA only connects from AutoCombo, 5H or 2C)


Note: If you’re starting from 5H, never do the full auto combo. Just do Ex Blade Impulse.

Side Note: 5H can be substituted with 5LXX or 5MXX. Just don’t 5HXX.

  • 5H > 66H > 5HX > 214LL > 5H > 214MMM/214CCCCC       (Raw Damage) 
  • 5H > 66H > 5HX > 214LL > 5H > 22L > j.L/j.H                        (Safe Jump: j.L/j.H)
  • 5H > 66H > 5HX > 214LL > 5H > 214LL > 2L > 236H             (Meaty Ex Fireball)
  • 22L (Free Jump In and 66C Returns)
    • j.H 
    • Whiff jM and go for low 2L 
    • j.U (Freestyle between Throw and UOH)
    • Land 5H as a callout for delayed mashing.

5H > 66H > 5HX > 214LL > 5HX > 214L > Meaty UOH (+1 oB/+6 oH) 

  • 5MXX > LMH Rekka (IF UOH HITS)
  • Blocked > 5H > 236H (IF UOH BLOCKED) 

5H > 66H > 5M/5H > SBA/SSBA (SSBA only connects if off 5H) 

Anti-Air Conversions:

Normal Hit:


  • 2H > 214LL > 2U                                                                                                         (Safe Jump:22A)
  • 2H > 214LL > 5M/5H > 66L                                                                                      (Corner Carry)
  • 2H > 214LL > 5M/5H > 66H > 5H(2) > Medium Rekka/SBA/SSBA  (Damage)


  • 2H > 214LL > 5H (2) > 66H > 5H > 214LL > 5H > LMH Rekka
  • 2H > 214LL > 5H (2) > 66H > 5H > SBA/SSBA

Counter Hit:


  • 2H > 214L > 5H > 66H > 2U                                                        (Safe Jump:22A)
  • 2H > 214L > 5H > 66H > 5H > SBA                                            (Damage)
  • 2H > 214L > 5H > 66H > 2H > SSBA (Hold H)           (Big D*** Damage)


  • 2H > 214L > 5H > 66H > 2U                                                        (Safe Jump:22A)
  • 2H > 214L > 5H > 66H > 5H > 214HHHHH                               (Safe Jump:sj.C)
  • 2H > 214L > 5H > 66H > 2H > SSBA (Hold H)                          (Big D*** Damage)

Safe Jumps:

  • Midscreen Ex Blade Impulse
    • 5U > 8U > j.M                                   (Side Switch)
    • Whiff 2L > fj. H                                  (Same Side
  • Midscreen Ex Rekka
    • SJ.H
  • Sweep (2U)
    • 22L > j.M
  • Technical Input SBA
    • 22M/Normal jump > jH

Resets (with Explanations):

This might be the most wordy part of the entire guide. You’re essentially taking advantage of the plus or neutral frames on Light or Medium Rekka (1) respectively. Light Rekka (1) is +1 on Hit and Medium Rekka (1) is 0 on Hit.

After light rekka, you could either do two things. The first one is to go for a grab and this is to see if your opponent is blocking during the rekkas.

After YOU CONDITION YOUR OPPONENT, you can start to frame trapping your opponent by using 5M (6f startup and you’re +1 from Light Rekka: so guaranteed crush).  

Side Note: If your opponent is using a 6f character. You can do M Rekka and frame trap with 5M or even then still use L Rekka and use 5H to frame trap so now they are scared to tech against your grab.

Once you feel like they’ll start teaching your grabs more and press buttons less, you can then go UOH for even bigger damage. So it’s a really fun (albeit cruel) game of RPS.

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