Wuxia Online Idle tier list (Global) – Best lineup guide

Wuxia Online Idle is a new mobile game that has recently gained popularity. It’s all about the cards, the heroes, and a world steeped in wuxia vibes. You recruit heroes, train them, and then release them into battles against other players or bosses.

Now, the secret sauce to success in this game is building a strong team. This is where the Wuxia Online Idle tier list comes in to help. So, what’s a tier list? It’s basically a list that sorts out all the heroes in the game, starting from the strongest all the way to the less buff ones.

It helps you find the best heroes as well as those who might need a bit more training. Mind you, there’s a load of these tier lists for Wuxia Online Idle. But remember, they’re not set in stone. They can vary based on how you like to play and what heroes tickle your fancy.

In this guide, we’re going to give you a crash course on the Wuxia Online Idle tier list. We’ll dive into what makes heroes tick and how they get ranked.

We’ll also offer a few tips on how to build a strong team by making use of the tier list to its full potential.

So, let’s break it down a bit.

Here’s the lowdown on what goes into ranking the heroes in Wuxia Online Idle:

  • Base Stats: Think of it like their starting stats – attack, defense, HP – these set the tone for their strength.
  • Skills: Don’t forget their moves! The skills they bring to the table can make or break a hero’s game. Some are super powerful, others fit different situations like a glove.
  • Team Chemistry: Heroes can vibe with each other, or not so much. Synergies can play a big role, making some teams an unstoppable force.
  • How Rare They Are: And yes, rarity matters. The rarer the hero, the beefier they usually are.

Here are some tips on how to use the tier list to build a strong team:

  • Choose heroes that complement each other’s skills. This will help you to create a team that is more effective in battle.
  • Consider the rarity of the heroes. Rarer heroes are generally stronger, but they may also be more difficult to unlock.
  • Experiment with different lineups. There is no one perfect team, so it is important to find a lineup that works for you.

Now, let’s see the rankings of all the heroes:

Wuxia Online Idle tier list: Our best global lineup recommendations

Gold (Yellow) Faction SS:

  • Shaolin: Front row, group shield
  • Changyun: Front row, skill protects teammates
  • Tianshi: Healing, recover internal energy of team
  • Tiance: Strong melee damage, very tanky
  • Shaolin: Group shield and control immune

Wood (Green) Faction SS:

  • Mohism: Summon extra cannon, high survivability
  • Famous: Reliant on ulti, high crit dmg
  • Floral: All round support, high survivability
  • Medicine Valley: Sustained healing

Water (Blue) Faction SS:

  • Ancient Tomb: Summon puppet, AOE dmg
  • Five Poison: Continuous AOE poison dmg
  • Mingjiao: Blink strike, back row killer
  • SongshanI: Ice Regen, AOE dmg
  • Tang: High DPS when going with poison team

Fire (Red) Faction SS:

  • Chunyang: High speed, single target dmg
  • Guigu: Enable position shift during battle, team stat boost
  • Tanhua: Single target killer, enhance normal attack dmg
  • North Hengshan: AOE dmg reduction, boost strongest atk partner
  • Huashan: High single target dmg, attack again when dodge

Yin Yang (Black White) Faction SS:

  • Cihang: Whole team heal, AOE status guard
  • Tianshan: Untargettable due to floating
  • World Conference: Tanky with stun effect
  • Tianlong: Tanky with dmg dealing ability, manage Def Reduction
  • Wudang: Tank killer, whole screen dmg
  • Xiaoyao: High normal attack, AOE dmg dealer
  • Shushan: Highest speed and dmg

I hope you found my Wuxia Online Idle tier list helpful. I also wanted to let you know that we just published the new Code Geass Lost Stories tier list and Sword Chronicles Awaken tier list. So, if you’re playing either of those games, be sure to check them out.

Thanks for reading!

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