Ambition of Kings Tier List June 2024: Best heroes ranked

In this guide, we’re about to drop some serious knowledge on the latest Ambition of Kings tier list you’ve seen all year.

Forget those clickbait YouTube vids and shady Reddit forum rankings – this tier list has been updated for June 2024 meta, directly from our team who have been grinding away since its worldwide launch on 18th December, 2023.

In this Ambition of Kings character tier list, we’ve got all the top characters ranked like Lv Bu with his powerful halberd, Zhang Chanhua shielding your team like a divine fortress, and Cao Cao amplifying your damage count in the S-tier.

We’ll also dig into the A-tier heroes like Lu Zhi with his crowd-controlling abilities and Guo Jia having icy powers.

We’ll also discuss how even the B-tier heroes like Xiao Qiao with his healing skills and Zuo Ci can do great in battles if you know how to play them right.

So, let’s get started!

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The Ambition of Kings Tier List for June 2024: Our best Heroes recommendations

Editor’s Note: We’ve seen team comps, and updates shift the meta to some extent. So we have curated this tier list in such a way that it will give you a strong foundation to build your ultimate warband.

Lv BuSPowerful AoE damage and self-sustain with high crit rate and damage.
Zhang ChanhuaSExcellent support with strong shields, healing, and attack speed buffs.
Cao CaoSEffective AoE damage and damage boost for the entire team.
Zhang FeiSHigh damage, interruption resistance, and rage control in a tanky package.
Lu ZhiAVersatile AoE damage, crowd control, and interruption resistance.
Guo JiaAStrong AoE damage, attack speed debuffs, and crowd control with the Ice Phoenix.
Guan YuAHigh single-target damage, knockbacks, and executions.
Liu BeiASupportive tank with heals, debuffs, and rage generation.
Xiao QiaoBPowerful heals and damage buffs for the entire team.
Zuo CiBGood AoE damage, crowd control, and healing reduction.
Sun QuanBTeam-wide shields and AoE damage with knockback.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this Ambition of Kings tier list created?

This tier list is based on a combination of factors, including base stats, abilities synergy with other characters, and performance in different game modes.

What are some examples of how to use S-tier heroes effectively?

Lv Bu: Pair him with other strong damage dealers to create a powerful offensive team.

Zhang Chanhua: Position her behind your frontline to provide protection and buffs to your damage dealers.

Cao Cao: Use his damage boost to power your entire team and quickly take down enemies.

Do I need to have all S-tier heroes to be successful?

No, you can still build a strong team with A-tier and B-tier heroes. It’s more important to focus on building a team with good synergy.

There you have it, all the characters ranked in Ambition of Kings, with detailed explanations.

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