Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Class Tier List for April 2024

Today, we’re going deep (literally, Rock and Stone!) into a Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Class Tier List for April 2024 meta.

Now, before you all start a flame war in the comments about how Scout is the undisputed king (looking at you, Karl Jr. mains), hear me out. This class tier list is based on solo performance in the creepy depths of Hoxxes IV.

We’re talking survivability, damage output, and all that good stuff a lone dwarf needs to stay digging and blasting until the bitter end in the new Deep Rock Galactic Survivor game franchise.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Class Tier List

SJuggernautTanky class with heavy firepower, excels at soaking up damage and dealing it back with a vengeance.
SSharpshooterPrecision-based class with high critical strike potential, perfect for thinning out swarms and picking off targets from afar.
ADemolitionistSpecializes in explosive weapons, great for crowd control but lacks single-target damage for tackling tougher enemies.
AMaintenance WorkerDeploys turrets for defense, providing support in battles but may struggle with mobility and flexibility.
BGunnerWell-rounded class with access to a variety of heavy weapons, suitable for most situations but may require some finesse to excel in higher hazards.
BForemanOffers mining speed buffs, useful for resource gathering missions but falls short in combat situations.
CInterrogatorRelies on status effects for damage, effective against swarms but struggles with single-target encounters and boss fights.
CClassic (Scout)Basic class with mobility and some combat capabilities, decent for lower hazards but lacks specialization for higher difficulties.
DStrongarmedEnhances throwable weapons, but their effectiveness diminishes in higher hazard levels due to lack of damage scaling.
DTinkererEarns bonus XP and offers overclocking potential for weapons, can be versatile but may not shine as brightly in combat compared to specialized classes.
Class tier list table

FAQs on Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Class Tier List

Why is the Juggernaut considered S-tier?

The Juggernaut’s combination of high health, strong weapons, and defensive perks makes them incredibly resilient on the battlefield.

They can effectively draw aggro from enemies, allowing teammates (if playing co-op) to focus on objectives or take down priority targets.

Example: In a high-hazard mission with a swarm of Glyphids, the Juggernaut can use their shield and heavy weapons to hold the frontline, protecting teammates while they clear out the smaller enemies.

What makes the Sharpshooter strong for solo play?

Their high single-target damage and critical strike potential allow them to effectively eliminate priority targets and manage ranged threats.

This is crucial in solo play, where you don’t have teammates to handle specific enemies.

Example: When encountering a Mactera Spawn, the Sharpshooter can quickly take it down with precise shots using their sniper rifle, preventing it from spawning swarms of Mactera Grunts.

Why is the Scout considered lower tier in high-hazard levels?

Scout’s mobility is valuable for navigating the stages, but their primary focus on ranged combat can become a struggle against stronger enemies.

Example: On a high-hazard Elimination mission, I saw Scout struggle to take down a Bulk Detonator in time, thus putting the team at risk.

So there you have it. My very own Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Class Tier List.

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