Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising: Cagliostro Combos Guide 2024

Some noteworthy things have changed in the new Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising game itself. The new system mechanics give Cagliostro more combo routes and confirm out of moves she previously could not confirm meaningfully from, a big example of this is that F5M -> Rush Cancel -> 214H has started to see use as a way to confirm from f5m.

This can even net you your wall bounce combo from a decent range away from the corner.

Cagliostro Combos Guide: Strategy, Neutral and Situational Tips

Many characters can run through traps, or they may be able to special through them. You can react to a lot of these with 5h, you can call out even more with a read. 2M is longer but can’t get a confirmation out of it from the range you’ll likely use it.

Opponents can disable traps by hitting them with normals as well, try to whiff-punish with your 2M/5H/2U and it will net a simple confirm into 214L/H, as all three of these moves are special-cancellable, your only issue is some ranges it doesn’t work.

When they’re too far away to use a normal you can use one of your Spear variations (623M/H goes the furthest) to punish them for breaking a trap.

This is the least reward at the typical ranges you will use M spear but at closer riskier ranges plus great timing, counterhit M spear into normal hitconfirm can work.

If your 5h can whiff punish something but you can’t seem to land a special cancel out of it try 623M/H to whiff punish.

H is more consistent being 4 frames faster and scores a hard knockdown which is sometimes a saving grace in rough MUs.

Any of your air normals can cancel into air mehens, so remember this and just do it when you net air to airs or you can change some combo finishers into this if you would like.

When floor traps hit an opponent you have a few options, you can run up 5H -> 214L/H, or you can catch them with either super.

For more damage 2H -> 214M or 2H -> dl -> 214L can work. Rare cases of characters being hit out of the trap with 2H -> dl -> 214L -> f.5H -> 214H/ SBA have happened too but it’s inconsistent at best. If they’re cornered you can get 2H -> 214l -> dl -> 5m ->214l to maximize damage while maintaining consistency.

SSBA works from long ranges. Run up c5h on trap hits to confirm into 22x mmm if you need to side-switch. This procs the combo limit pretty early unfortunately but a side switch is really important sometimes.

Placing traps on hard knockdowns strengthens Cagliostro’s okizeme. Most players will block allowing for grab (there is about a 3-frame window to grab in between the end of wakeup invuln and the trap causing blockstun) or Instant Overhead.

It is safer to just pressure as normal though. Mehen is not a true meaty, so this is kind of fake vs opponents with DPs, you’ll still need to safe jab meaty. Off your hard knockdowns into mehen you can get a safe jump.

You have the option to use your Spear (623X) to manipulate the opponent’s positioning and control space. 623L sends away and 623M sends in.

When Mehen is active on the floor or in the air use Spear to push opponents into them. This will net you combos or put your opponent under pressure. 

22H (Ex Teleport) is +1 on the block and that is nice because it means you can do it on the block to siteswap while maintaining pressure or netting a throw.

It side switches in combos. The easiest way to position yourself for a trap to extend combos is by good TP movement.

The only downside is if you try to just teleport behind your opponent for free over and over they can just press a button and make you lose.

TP as an air stall is really good because of your ability to position it to bait anti-airs and then punish, similar to a grappler jump! j.236H is also a very solid airstall for the same reason.

Both can be messed up if they have a projectile like Metera’s 623X or Eustace’s [2]8X though so be careful with it overall try this vs different opponents and matchups to get a feel for its use.

Keep in mind you’ll space this differently vs all opponents depending on their 2H hitbox. Weigh your options vs each matchup, you wouldn’t want to jump around like a maniac vs Ladiva when you can just keep her out, but you would vs someone who wants to keep you out. 

When your opponent is scared you can get some Mehens above them in the corner without even doing it from a route so overall take notes on how your opponent feels and let that influence your gameplan.

Cag does not excel at any particular range, but she is mostly at least somewhat comfortable playing anywhere she wants.

Few MU-specific exceptions exist (i.e.: stay away from Ladiva, don’t be in range to eat Eustace 2[8]X, etc.)

5H is good for calling people out. It beats many forward-advancing rush-down specials. Light attacks are a plus on block.

Sweep is really good. 5U can taunt your opponent to come closer. Teleports can throw your opponent off and confuse intent, especially on the jump.

Cagliostro’s aerial buttons, fuzzies, TP, and rock make her jump one of the most variable in the game, but it’s not invincible.

TPing can often steal or throw away a turn. Worst case you lose, Otherwise you can hit them or block out of it to lose your turn. Also really fake but can come in clutch or steal some opportunities.

Can be worth it if you’re in the corner, but also more predictable. You get a sense of this stuff from playing the character.

Cag is really about overwhelming your opponent’s mental stack so that it doesn’t matter that none of it is real because however much fake thing she has is hard to deal with when overwhelmed mentally. The challenge comes from gathering that respect initially.

You can use lvl5 rock as a slow fireball, which can force a block, roll, or jump, all of which you can be prepared to punish. Rock Charge is fast enough to use now too.

To play with new level 5 rock you just run behind it or be behind it in a position where you’ll position roll/jump. If for some god-forsaken reason it hits the opponent you can 5h -> 214x them for free.

Option to gain a lot of meters by just having a crazy long block string on an opponent with something like you M spear them into one trap of EX Mehen, you EX TP them, you auto combo rock or spear or something.

This is unlikely to mix them up but the meter is the meter I guess. I don’t think this is a huge deal since meter gain in this game is relatively guaranteed, but it can be worth it I guess if you have nothing better to do/ you think doing this will strain your opponent’s mental stack. 


In version 2.61 Cagliostro’s 22H hitbox was increased horizontally, giving her a new frame trap option from 2l/c5l -> 22H.

Autocombo -> 5U makes autocombo safe on block and pushes the opponent away, depending on their next action your turn is or isn’t over.

Max max max range 5h -> 6u or c.L 2L -> 2L -> 5H(all hits) -> 6U makes you plus 

F5H -> 623L is safe on the block because of the spacing, and if for some reason they press a button that far away you land a counter-hit from a frame trap. 

F5H -> 236H (or L/M if they’re asleep) when they’re not pressing but can be spaced safely vs smaller buttons too

C5h -> 22h is plus 1 and does some guaranteed chip which is great cause cag overall lacks chip.

F5H (max range) -> 214L is safe and useful for MUs where you want to stay on the opponent. Just be careful to space it right cause slightly off and you’ll lose.

HKD mid-screen into ex Mehen ex TP can set you up to start doing a high low or strike throw that can confirm into the trap into normal -> Super.

2l -> 5m is a basic frame trap on crouching opponents. The fact that you can auto combo into 5u or even 623l for another attempt to frame trap if it doesn’t work makes this good.

Dash momentum c5l -> c5l -> 2l -> 5l is good because there’s a frame trap between c5l and 2l and it kind of auto-hit confirms itself because 2l into 5l sets up combo into 214H etc. 

Dash momentum c5l -> c5l -> 2l -> 2M is also good to put in there to mix up cause you typically go for f5h after 5l if the above pressure doesn’t catch them, but they can mash out of that with 7f buttons. 2l into 2M however frame traps catching 6f buttons and setting up cags full combo

2L -> 2L -> 2M -> 623L/H – a few frame traps mashed together if they mash 2M you can confirm into a corner combo with 214H and if they mash 623L/H you can confirm into one of your corner combos from that.

Good for several reasons mostly that it is hard to read and has lots of options and two of your biggest follow-ups can be gained from it.

Tick. Throw. (2l or c5L)

Autocombo -> 623L frame traps, in the corner, can be extended into 5L -> 214H -> HHH -> reset with mehen.

Her pressure is established with spear or other frame traps that if they mash they’ll get blown up then set traps to pester them into mashing again and maintain this mind game and balance so that u get what u want.

Her pressure is hard to do. And requires you to manage cooldowns and predict/condition your opponent masterfully. Like anyone you can 2l run up 2l spam when they’re scared to keep yourself on the block. Cag pressure is about conditioning and this is a tool used in it as well.

Basic Routing


2L -> 5MMM -> 6U -> 5H -> 214L – good damage combo when you have lv5 rock

2L -> 5MMM -> 6U -> 2L -> 214L – similar combo for lv3 rock, only on crouch hit (?)

623M into aerial trap -> run forward -> 5H -> 214H – simple setup for good damage

-> 5H -> SBA/SSBA – extension of combo possible on wall bounce


f.5H -> 214L/H – Easy hit confirm off of great neutral poke

2LL -> 5L -> 214L/H or SBA – simple combo off of low choose which finisher depending on resources and situation. Heavy nets you a knockdown and Super does the most damage and isn’t too stale to justify use. Take out one of the 2Ls if they’re too far. 

2L -> 5MMM -> 214L/H – more damage and easier link than above but can’t SBA. 

Anti-Airs: 2H -> 236M -> run forward -> 5H -> 214M – simplest counter hit anti-air combo (2960)

2H -> 236M -> j.Forward -> j.H before land -> 5H -> 214X – slightly more complex counter hit anti-air with more moving parts, nets you more damage.

(3320) When the opponent lands in trap centred, you can get the 214M for more damage, when they land in the corner, 214L/H is required to hit confirm. H makes up for the damage but spends ex for a hard knockdown.

2H -> 214M – basic anti-air when no counter hit, useful for empty jumps, however, be wary that 214M won’t confirm off of peak 2H hitbox

c. MXX -> 214H -> c. MMM -> 623H -> 2U -> 236M – simple corner combo, any starter into EX hula can begin it. hold up after Mehen for a safe jump

Intermediate/Advanced Routing


j.236H into j.H -> 5H -> 214L -> (far trap hits) -> run up 22H -> c5H -> 214M -> 214M – high damage midscreen combo that you can cross-up with in exchange for more reactability with 22m after j.236H. Good punishment after overwhelming your opponent with Cag’s airstall options.

Sub the 22H for a roll and place 2H before the last 214M if you have the spacing well enough to not drop doing that. If you don’t want to sideswitch you can do roll 214L instead of 2H 214M/214M.

When aerial 236M above opponent -> 2U -> SBA -> 5H -> 214H -> 5H -> 623H – fun combo out of nonstale super. Unfortunately takes your opponent out of the corner and is difficult to set up. So really you’re never gonna do this lol. Cheese.

If you have insane labbing skills and are good under pressure I’ve found that you can actually after the 214H run behind the opponent and then do 5mmm to keep them in the corner, probably after this place a mehen since the combo limit is reached. This makes the route better but I don’t think it’s realistic.

236X -> 2H -> dl -> 214L -> 5MM -> 214L – Knocking a cornered opponent into an air trap with either throw hoop or spear can get you a pretty simple high-damage combo without spending EXs, the second hit of auto combo increases the damage and makes it so if you mistime something you’re not thrown into an awful situation.

5H -> 214H -> MM -> 22H -> buffer j.M -> aerial 236X – corner setup that does relatively little damage (3905) but sets up an aerial trap above the cornered opponent and resets. The 22H to j.M is a bit tight. Switch to J. L. if you would like to make it easier or if your starter was 5mmm instead of 5H. I prefer to just do a better damage route and drop the 2u for a tk mehen.

5H or other starters -> 214H -> MMM -> 623H -> buffer j.L -> aerial 236X – corner setup that does practically the same damage as your normal corner combo, but trades a hard knockdown for an aerial trap setup. Relatively high cost compared to your other corner air trap setup, but way more accessible. You can do this with your autocombo starter of course.

623L -> Mehen hit -> 5H -> 214L -> Mehen hit -> 5H -> 623H/L – nice damage combo that works if aerial Mehen behind and ground Mehen in front of the opponent. Probably can link 214X instead of 623. Kind of only really gonna be gotten against noobs. Cheese

In the corner when you land 214H, the opponent can bounce over your head, taking them out of the corner. But this is not cause to worry.

You land a combo extension off of this while putting them back in the corner by using 22H out of 214H. The most likely scenario you will land this is out of a frame trap using 623H.

5H -> 214H -> 5M -> 22H -> c5HXX -> 623H -> tk. Mehen – Big Damage big expense slightly tricky route that does ~4500 and sets up a trap to make it simple to do throw -> trap -> 5h -> super or starter -> super -> trap -> follow up. Notably spends a lot of EX but it’s probably worth it to just go for it and get the W if you got it on lock.

If you don’t want to deal with resets a very simple way to get a safe air Mehen up is to end corner combo at 623H and tk Mehen. You’re plus enough to still get a safe jab so this might be optimal against opponents you’re afraid to deal with resets against.


623M counter hit can sometimes combo into 5h or 5l -> 214/x mid-screen. Rare but strong.

Frametrap confirms out of 623H:

623H CH -> 5H -> 214H -> 22H -> 5M -> Super – In the corner when you land 214H, the opponent can bounce over your head, taking them out of the corner. But this is actually not cause to worry.

You land a combo extension off of this while putting them back in the corner by using 22H out of 214H. The most likely scenario you will land this is this example of a frame trap using 623H.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE COMBO. If your spear frame trap is spaced so you get f5h instead of c5h, you have to do either one or two hits of f5h, not all three. It is more consistent with one hit but you lose approximately 100 damage each less hit you do.

If you are far out you may need to use 5m. If you fail this step then your opponent will not be kept in the corner from the 22H, and you will have to react to them not being kept in there and use super in the opposite direction.  Damage: 5935/6415

More Anti-Airs: 

2H -> 236M -> j.Forward -> j.H before land -> 5H -> 214H -> 2U -> 236M – Extension of

BnB counter hit anti-air it is possible if EX Hula will wallbounce. Safe jump after (?)

               2H -> 236M -> Superjump Crossup j.H -> 5H (one hit) -> 214H -> 2H -> 623H – your CH 

anti-air modified to side switch when you are cornered. Notably doesn’t burn TP

               2H -> 236M -> 2H -> 236H -> 22M -> 5H -> 214M -> 214M – Spend ex trap to do more 

complex CH anti-air

2H -> 236M -> 5H -> 22H -> 5H -> 214M – side switch and net more damage out of your

anti-air by spending ex TP

DP Punishes: 

2H -> 214M -> c.5M -> 214H – optimal wakeup DP punish mid screen. 214M to bonk link is tight. 

2H -> SBA/SSBA – on wall bounce you can extend with this

2H -> 214H -> 2H/5H -> SBA/SSBA – your punish on a cornered opponent’s wakeup DP,

Hit confirm the second 2H after Wallbounce, before they land. 5H can sometimes

substitute for 2H. nutso damage (5372/6044)

2U -> 22H -> 5M -> [ender] – midscreen combo off of close sweep. Side switches.

5MMM -> 214H (3315)

5M -> SBA (4710) 

Optimal Corner Routes

2M/5M/5H -> 214H -> 5MMM -> 623H -> 2U -> 236M – highest damage off 2 EXs

2M/5M/5H -> 214H -> 5M -> 22H -> c.5H -> 623H -> 2U -> 236M – highest damage off 3 EXs

CH f.5H (1st hit only) -> 236H -> 623M -> 2H -> dl -> 214L -> 5M -> 214L – highest damage off trap EX only

The 2L 22H Frametrap Section

Cagliostro got given a new frame trap in 2L or c5L into 22H and it is the biggest buff she has ever received and single-handedly has brought her on my tier list from bottom 1, to the bottom of A tier, in the top 15, jumping 8 spots.

It fills a hole that her unique pressure game has always had, that being pressure that you have to respect.

A lot of strong characters in fighting games have pressure you must respect and pressure that is fake but strong if you get away with it.

Cagliostro had the latter before mostly which while good because of her ability to play an rps game with you to check you trying to punish it, was ultimately making her pressure game boil down to a few interactions, with both of them being very unsafe vs reversals.

This new frametrap while not universally applicable due to reasons I will discuss, is very very strong when it can be used.

How it works?

It is a new frame trap that beats 5f mash buttons and is reversal-safe* (with a big asterisk).

On late hit you land the combo CH 22H -> 2H -> 623H -> 2H -> 214l -> 2U -> 236m for 4.5k damage HKD. On early hit you get CH 22H -> 2U -> 214H -> c5H -> 623H -> 2U or CH 22H c5H -> 214H -> 2H 236H -> 623m ->roll.

On Reversal, you can either punish with a throw, or with a combo 2H -> 236H -> 623M -> roll -> 2H -> 214L (late hit) -> 2U -> 236M for 3.8k damage HKD and trap set* (with an asterisk).

If they spotdodge 22H you are plus and safe enough to throw or press, but not DP safe if they do that after the dodge lmao. (no asterisk on this one lmao)

Why so many asterisks? 

It is not a universal tool that you can apply the same to every single character. It must be lobbed vs everyone to account for the few reversals that can beat it.

The few buttons that will not get counter-hit by it, the characters who will not get hit by the default combo from the CH 22H or the dp punish, and the characters whose reversals cannot be punished.

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