Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising: Lowain Combos Guide 2024

Lowain is a funny chef-guy in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising who also has two equally as funny bros at his side. They’re the troll characters, and they were designed to be a bad characters but they have some serious Oki and a super that nobody knows how to defeat, so how bad can he be?

Does doing funny things, eating spaghetti, and running mix seem like fun to you? Then Lowain might be your character.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Lowain Combos Guide (Strategy, Normal Moves) [Primer]


  • f. => far
  • Without it is just close
  • UOH => Universal Overhead
  • (x) this button is optional in the pressure/combo
  • / => or. There are different options you can take.


5a – Pressure starter. Can go directly into a combo or use links to do frame traps.

f5a – hit confirm button. It’s used in link combos. Can be ducked though, so be careful using it against crouching opponents.

2a – Fast low. Good for pressuring and can lead to some hard-to-block situations with Oki. Also, a hit confirm tool.

5b – Weird anti-air/pressure tool. You can use it in combos to make the combo last longer to refresh your moves.

f5b – Neutral whiff punish/poke. Has a fairly long reach but is unsafe on the block. Can cancel into specials for additional pressure.

2b – Neutral whiff punish/poke. A mid that has a pretty long reach. Can also use it as a pressure tool to keep people on their toes. Can cancel into specials.

5c – Combo starter for bigger punishes. Can be a situational anti-air too as it reaches high if they are close but 2c is probably better. 5cc > Juggle to confirm on ch.

f5c – Combo Tool and situational anti-air, but you probably want to use 2c instead. Doesn’t extend his hitbox much so it can also be a whiff punishment tool.

2c – Fantastic Anti Air that leads into a combo on hit. 

5d – EAT. Random chance of getting food that either gives meter or hp. Use this move either in setups or when the opponent is camping/running away where their moves don’t reach.

2d – a cool long-range sweep that can lead to Oki. can also be specially cancelled. When spaced correctly the slide is very hard to punish it will become 0 ob at max range. The slide also has a low profile hurt box from start to finish so it can be used to duck under moves like Metera 5c or Katalina 5b.

Ground Throw – Forward throw sets up for Oki. You’re very plus so take your pick but be sure to time it correctly or the summons will whiff. Back throw is a plus but you cannot use summon oki.

UOH – He has a lot more grounded frames so be careful using this move. Otherwise, you can run similar shimmy mixups as other chars.


J.a – Lowain’s foot sticks out forever making this move pretty decent.

J.b – Crossup tool. It’s less active than j.c so be careful when using it as a jumpin. The range isn’t amazing, but it can help.

J.C. – air-to-ground attack normal. More active than j.b so it’s decent for jumpins. Since it has more range than j.b, you can also use this as an air-to-air.

J.D. – Multihitting happy feet attack. Good for mixups/pressure. It also changes his air trajectory making anti-air timing slightly different but don’t count on using it like a Percy j.d

Air Throw – Swag


Sammy and Tommy (236x)

The boys. Mostly use this in Oki situations but you can also use it to throw out a hitbox that absorbs a projectile. It’ll probably be too slow to use as a pressure tool in neutral.

Come at Me, Bro! (623x)

Bad counter. Don’t use this too much except when the opponent does a laggy move that can’t be cancelled. Use the ex version in block strings since it’s faster. Now unblockable and leads to a knockdown, punishable on whiff it does not have instant invulnerability. 

The counter extends his hurtbox which can help with punishing pokes. You can use parry at ranges where moves would normally whiff and his knee extends to absorb the hit. However, keep in mind that opponents can still cancel the parry and punish you.

Example: Zeta 2m has a large enough hurtbox that when parried she can get hit however if she does 44L her hurtbox shifts and she is now safe and can punish Lowain. 

The counter is very situational but may be a very important tool for Lowain since he cannot punish certain buttons realistically due to their hurt box. 

The L version is a reliable anti-air with a decent amount of active frames.

It’s important to recognize when opponents use specials that put them in situations where they cannot avoid the follow-up.

Awesome Sauce (214x)

Hit confirm/combo tool. EX version lets you set up Oki with summons whereas the B version is still plus but no summon Oki. A version is slower but it can catch delay mash and is safe on block. It’s also a juggling tool in certain situations.

The A version is safe on block and at a max range of 5b, doing this will make it plus. It can also catch rolls sometimes and is a decent combo tool for juggling situations. Doing this meaty is also + and lets you confirm into a juggle. The B version should be used more as a hit confirm tool.

There are fringe cases where it can be hard to punish but don’t rely on it. The c version is a great hit confirm from the max range and can even be used as a whiff punish/burst tool at the right ranges.

It’s safe on block, so the worst thing that can happen is you tech a throw or block something. It’s a little janky, but you can also catch opponents slipping with ex counter.

It’s not a great option, but if they aren’t reacting, you can steal your turn back. Vs Ladiva you don’t have good ways to steal turns outside of predicting command grabs so be careful when using this.

When fighting moves that have a bit of startup or dashing, you can use this as a burst option to catch them before their moves happen.

Magnificent Tool of Destruction (22x)

The greatest move Lowain has in his kit. Summon Katalina bot and make the opponent respect ur oki. Various setups can utilize the bot and you can even call it sometimes in neutral to fight. The A version does 2 punches which is good for corner Oki.

The B version does a full-screen laser that has good hit stun. The C version shoots missiles which can help fight against projectiles and force them to navigate your counter-zoning. Use the C version in matchups where you can safely summon from far away.

The missiles can help lock the opponent in the air if they jump into it and you can get an air unblockable on them. The missiles can also absorb a few projectile hits and help you get in/force your opponent to make a move.

Skybound Arts

Human Pyramid! Attack! (236236c)

A funny move if you’re ahead and you just want to chip to kill them or make them block a mixup. You can also use the armour properties to use it like a Vaseraga dash attack if you use the ender. Relatively fast on the ground, but vulnerable to attacks and you can die while in HPA mode.

You can also use this in combos for some extra damage if you need it. A lot of research has shown recently that there is potential for using HPA as a mixup tool off summon Oki.

  • A – deals a good amount of chip
  • B – Anti-air and combo tool
  • C – a decently fast overhead. Mix this with D. Off summon Oki, you can catch spot dodge with it.
  • D – a pretty quick low that’s also the HPA Combo starter.

236D – Combo ender and ends HPA, does armor break and will also clash with projectile-based supers.

Try This on for Size! (236236d)

A funny zoning boss character super that will kill scrubs, but as of right now, is a bit hard to use to open people up. Mainly use this as a chip-out option or to give yourself an advantageous position.

Either way, it will be a bit stressful for whoever is dealing with it since if you mess up, you will end up eating a bunch of damage.

Here are the spells in order:

  • A – summons pillars on the ground. This is good for pushing back people who run forward and it comes out deceptively fast so have fun lol. You can’t instantly block while running.
  • B – Summons a green fireball. This is good for keeping the opponent on their toes cuz it does a good amount of chips. Contrary to popular belief, you can still chip kill with skybound arts and this one is good at chip killing.
  • C – Ground unblockable. It’s a bit slow and predictable, but that’s why you use other spells to set it up.
  • D – Lightning vortex. It sucks people in and forces them to take a bunch of chip damage. It’s kinda slow, so use pillars and a green fireball to make the opponent antsy first. If you catch them in the air, it can lead to an unblockable situation.


General Guidelines

Lowain’s moves are kinda stubby compared to the rest of the cast. He needs to rely on good schmoovement and whiff punishes to get in. Once he gets in though, it’s time to go down to Flavortown.

Make the most of his summon oki and if they fail, stay slightly outside their range in the corner and make them come to you if you’re ahead. You can counterpoke with f.5b and f.2b and anti-air jump attempts with 2c.

If you fall behind, you can count on Ygg to even up the score. Just do it because there isn’t a downside to not doing it. It’s invulnerable on startup but it can be punishable if you don’t push them back far enough when it ends.

If I’m feeling confident though I might save it for low-hp situations where I can chip them instead of relying on a move to hit.

If you’re ahead and you get a 2c conversion, it can be a good idea to use up HPA for the extra damage. You’re likely to build up 2 bars for the duration of the match if you play it right, so it’s fine to cash out even if hpa conversions don’t do much damage.

You can also go for cheeky resets to try to get unscaled HPA damage off an air/ground reset and use HPA armour properties while you’re ahead to try to close in on opponents. Just be very careful not to take too much chip while you do this.

If you get a significant lead and your oki doesn’t work, it’s also not a bad idea to back off a bit and eat. If you get Lotsa spaghetti then it’s already worth it.

Vs Zoning

Makes good use of his super jump and rolls to get past annoying projectiles/moves. Try to find gaps to roll and whiff punish with f. 5b. 2d will low profile certain fireballs and can hit extended hurtboxes, you can use it when in the proper range to get both a knockdown and start oki.

If you can force them to approach, then you can also dash back > 214c to catch their runs/buttons as they come out. Just remember to use this sparingly as not having access to 214x can hurt.

On Defense

Block a lot and find the gaps you can punish in training mode. Use EX counter sparingly. You want to try to catch them sleeping with the EX counter because if they’re ready, they can always get the spot dodge. If there’s a gap and you are in very low health, you can always just reverse skybound lol. 

2c is your best friend when it comes to anti-airing jumping, but be extra careful vs chars like Metera or Zeta who can change the trajectory of their jumping. Vs Metera if she tries to do the low hop pressure thing you can go for parry cuz 9/10 times they are gonna try to hit you and she will still be in the air.

On Offense (post oki or pre-combo)

Use 5a2af.5a as a hit confirm for standing opponents. You can also do 5a 5b(delayed) as a frame trap into an auto combo. Once you get pushed out, though, use 5b and 2b as checks to make sure they don’t try to do anything funny. You can also tick throw with 5a/2a throw.

Using an auto combo block string puts them in a true block string so the only mixup you can get is using a special or blocking to leave your turn.

214b can frame trap and 214a can also frame trap at closer ranges and beat some delayed mashing at further ranges but make sure you’re pushed out a lot if you do 214b because if you land close to them you will get punished.

Sometimes it’s harder to punish it though if you space the 214b. 214c is safe on block, but you want to save this for scenarios where you can catch their runs/buttons or in a combo. Doing the EX counter might also be a fun way to steal your turn but do this more rarely.

Calling the boys or using robo summons is usually too slow and will make you get punished so do it too obviously. Mix up the safe block pressure of 214a and when they start to respect 214x, you can start putting out summons from pokes.

If they block a summon you will be very plus so you can run mix.


General Pressure Tips

Lowain doesn’t have as many plus buttons as the top tiers in this game. Thus, he has to rely on the frame traps that he has to get opponents to respect his pressure.

Once the opponent starts to respect you, you can take the opportunity to begin using his summons to steal turns and force the opponent to block more mixups.

Be careful when fighting characters with DPs though, often, they will try to DP between gaps in your pressure so you’ll need to mix up pushing buttons with hard baits.

You can also sometimes use parry to steal turns but it’s a lot riskier since it can be blown up pretty easily.

Block strings

5a2a(a) f.5a/(f.5b > 214a):

Your basic pressure with frame traps built into all the buttons.


Can end with 2b > 214a/22a for a frame trap, or attempt to catch a whiff with f.5b > 214a which will be plus OB

5a d.5b > autocombo > 214a:

Another frame trap but can make the opponent antsy about tick throws because it beats throw mash.

5a/2a > throw:

Mix this with the above and then you can get Oki after if you get the throw. Use 2a for meaty situations to beat roll and spot dodge. 

 5a/2a > 2b:

A good frame trap. Can hit confirm to 214c or continue pressure with 214a.

2b is -5 but you’ll be too far to punish if they happen to have a 5f move usually.

f.5a/f.5b > 2d:

Spaced well, you can use this to poke at a safe distance then low profile a move and punish them. EX: This works if Katalina reversals with 5b in the corner. Be careful using this vs chars with fast-range punishes though.

f.5b> spaced 214a > 2d:

At perfect spacing, you are plus which lets you use this long-range frame trap/low that also sets up oki midscreen.

Meaty 214a > 2D/another 214a/2b:

This is a good option to check the opponent’s frame data knowledge. You should be plus enough at a spaced 214a or meaty 214a to push buttons. Once they start to respect it, you can use the frame advantage to either run up or use slower moves>summons to enhance your pressure.

Poke > summon:

“Fake” pressure that you do when the opponent is expecting 214x. Try to watch the opponent’s habits and see if they’re getting hit by all the 214x or blocking them. Summoning the boys is usually better for this because they have a faster cooldown.

Summon > HPA:

Meme pressure that’s okay when used as a chip option. It’s safe from dp but watch out for multi-hitting supers as that can drain your life fast. Some setups allow you to catch spot dodge, so feel free to set up hpa in those scenarios if you aren’t using it to cash out on a big combo.

B Katbot > B Boy > 5dd:

Katbot and B Boy order can be reversed You can use this to keep people at bay and get a bunch of eats in a row. It’s a little hard to tell whether it’s a low boy or a jumpy boy so if they respect the boy you can get the extra eat-in.

If you opt for A boy, it catches options, but you only get one eat if they block it. If you get a knockdown though, you can get more eats in.



*Anything with B Tatsu can be replaced with 214c

5a2a > f.5a > 214c

Any f.5a > 214c confirm is standing only since f.5a can be crouched

2a2a2a > 214c            

Crouching only. Only done on dash/slide-in or 3rd hit whiffs on the block. You can do 2a2a> f.5a> 214c for standing confirms

Autocombo > 214c    Easy hit confirm

f.5b > 214b

f.2b > 214b

Anti air 2c > 214a > f.5b > 214c easiest to land consistently in matches 

Anti air 2c > 214a > 5c(1) > 214c can work at close spacings 

Anti air 2c > 214a > f. 5c > 214c Very hard spacing-specific combo needs to be somewhat close to the corner

CH Anti air 2c > 22a > autocombo > 214c

CH Anti air 2c > 22c > 214a > 214c

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