Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising: Gran Combos Guide 2024

Gran is a well-balanced fighter in the new Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising with an emphasis on offence, capable of alternating between getting himself in and keeping others out.

With an assortment of plain but effective normals, good specials, painful damage and his two Timbs he’s got your back thanks to the Yuel patch, he can put up a fight with just about anyone.

Gran Guide (Strategy, Movesets) [Primer]

Being a shotoclone-type character, Gran’s got a couple of pros to his name, as well as a few cons worth mentioning.


  • Well well-rounded kit provides a good answer to every situation. Fireballs, anti-airs, corner carry, you want it? He’s probably got it
  • Good damage mid screen which becomes outright deadly in the corner, especially with resources
  • Solid pressure game, one of the few people to wield a plus-on-block 2M, relatively little risk for a big reward
  • Strong (but not abusable) movement option in Boot, which nets huge reward on counter hit
  • Max charge Power Raise (5U) allows Gran to close in the distance and be invincible while doing so


  • His advantageous normals lack reach, and his farther-reaching normals are bad on whiff, making them rather committal
  • Said farther-reaching normals don’t give him much reward without resources (mainly 214H and both supers)
  • Said supers leave a lot to be desired as they’re too slow to be converted into in some cases
  • Obligatory “jack of all trades, master of none” con, won’t specialize in anything particular
  • Despite having a godlike 2H the reward on a normal hit is limited to knockdown and momentum instead of high damage (unless in the corner or with supers available)
  • Gets made fun of for being basic


As stated numerous times so far, Gran is a shotoclone character with an emphasis on offence. For the most part, he wants to get in and assert protagonist dominance with his frame traps and other forms of pressure to get them in the corner, and that’s where his damage will shine. To quote: 

“Just have solid neutral, no crazy risks, and cash out for fat damage when the opportunity presents itself.” 


There is room to play Gran with high-risk high reward but because he gets high reward with enough patience it isn’t recommended to shoot for a high-risk playstyle.

Against some characters, Gran can also be a zoner due to his amazing 2H and his M fireball (Reginleiv) allowing him to win fireball wars that don’t involve EXs.


Gran’s normals, while nothing particularly special in their own right, are all solid enough to not overlook. If you need a quick idea of what normals to use right now, refer to the following:

  • Footsies/Midscreen pokes: fM, fH, 2U
  • Anti-Airs: 2H, Air Throw, jL
  • Pressure Starters: 2L, cL, 2M (fact check?)
  • Light Punish: fL
  • Cross Ups: jM, jU
  • Protagonist Patented Plus Frames: cL, 2L, 2M
  • Big Boy Damage: cH, 2H (Counter Hit), 2M (Counter Hit), 5U (Counter Hit)


Reginleiv/Fireball (236X) 

  • The light version is a standard fireball that travels at a decent speed, -7 on block 
  • The medium version has a slashing hitbox before sending the normal fireball, is good for winning projectile wars, and is -4 Gran’s safest string ender up close
  • Heavy version aka EX version, a 3-hitting singular fireball, used for corner combos for extra damage or mid-screen combos by linking into fM thanks to it being +7 on hit

Rising Sword/Uppercut/DP (623X)

  • All versions are 9 frame startup and early frames are air unblockable 
  • L version is -17 the least unsafe on block or whiff
  • M version is -26 but good for extra damage
  • H ver is also -26 and has 2nd follow-up slash briefly after the first one

Overdrive Surge/The Boot/Rekka (214) 

  • L version is a forward slash attack that has access to 214M as a follow-up for a knockdown, -5 on the block, great for neutral 
  • M version the true B O O T, DAS BOOT, -10 on block can be spaced to be even, counter hit gives him combo extensions (boot CH combos in combo section)
  • H version aka EX B O O T, -8 on the block can be spaced to be plus, gives knockdown on hit (like most ex moves) wall bounces in the corner, mainly for high damage and a strong get-in tool, overall his most important move.

Skybound Arts (Supers)

Tempest Blade/SBA (236236H)

  • -13 on the block, short reach but has some invincible frames
  • Has big damage fall off from max distance (3500—-2500)

Catastrophe/SSBA (236236U)

  • A singular 5 hitting fireball with some invincible frames 
  • Unsafe on the block if done up close 
  • Still gives knockdown if the cinematic isn’t triggered



  • Fireball Game (Winning wars with Reginleiv, fireball traps,)
  • Keep out/Whiff Punish game with 5M, 2U, 5U, and 5H
  • Overdrive Surge usage
  • Jump-ins


  • Keeping and varying offense with 2L, c.L, c.M, and 2M
    • Baiting out reversals with safe jumps, safe jabs, and stagger pressure
  • Trapping opponents’ buttons with non-jailing block strings into H Reginleiv/Power Raise
  • Ambiguous setups with meaty using c.M, Overdrive Surge, and Power Raise
  • Hit-confirming stray 2Ls with Overdrive Surge, Tempest Blade, Catastrophe
    • Crouch-confirms into 2M and 2U


  • Without mixing up normals with throws, Gran has no real way to deter opponents from blocking

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Gran Combos Guide

Gran’s combo theory for the most part is fairly simple: most of the time you want to combo into L Overdrive Surge (214L 214M) to get the opponent into the corner or go into EX Rising Sword (623H) for a safe jump.

Once in the corner, 214H is going to be your main money maker as it launches the opponent for devastating damage, especially if the combo ends in SBA or SSBA. Otherwise, end the corner combo into L Rising Sword for damage or 2U 4G for another safe jump.

TLDR Basic Bitch Gran combo: (any normal here) 214H, cM 236H, 2H 5U, 2U 4G (spot dodge)

Gran does a lot of damage but optimizing your combos based on your opponent and situation is still important. Sacrificing damage for more consistent knockdown is just as important as choosing the right routes to set yourself up for 2 touches.

Combos ending in 623H mid-screen or corner net you an SJ. U safe jump.

Combos ending in 2U lets you cancel with spot doge and net you a buffered 9. jU safe jump.

I would suggest NOT spending EX Boot (214H) in combos unless you are planning to cash out for max damage or know it will kill. Most of our high-damage combos come from this special, so you’re better off hanging onto this until you get near the corner. The same deal goes for spending SBA/SSBA.

Midscreen I typically like to end my combos in EX DP (623H) because I value the safe jump a lot and you are not using DP often enough that you lose much value from putting it on cooldown.

Standing Hit Confirms

  • c.5L c.5L 2L/f.5L 214L 214M – 1910
  • 2L c.5L/2L f.5L 214L 214M – 1910
  • 2L/c.5L c.5LXX 214L 214M OR 623H – 1995/2165
  • 2L c.5MXX 214L 214M OR 623H – 2295/2465
  • 2L 2L 2L 214L 214M – 1910
  • 2M c.5L 2L 214L 214M – 2210

Crouching Hit Confirms

  • 2L 2L 2L 2U 214L 214M – 2280
  • 2L 2L 2L f.5L 214L 214M – 2070
  • 2M c.5MXX 214L 214M OR 623H – 2595/2765
  • 2L 2M 214L 214M OR 623H – 2010/2220
  • 2L c.5MXX 236H 2U 214L 214M – 3000
  • 2M c.5LXX 236H 2U 214L 214M – 3005
  • 2M c.5MXX 236H 2U 214L 214M – 3305

Standing Counter Hit Confirms

  • CH 2M 2M 214L 214M OR 623H – 2310/2320
  • CH c.5M c.5MXX 214L 214M OR 623H – 2595/2765
  • CH c.5M/2M c.5HXX 214L 214M OR 623H – 3095/3265
  • CH c.5H c.5HXX 214L 214M OR 623H – 3595/3765
  • CH c.5H f.5H 214L 214M – 3110
  • CH far 2M f.5M 214L 214M – 2310
  • CH c.5H 2L f.5L 214L 214M – 2710

Crouching Counter Hit Confirms

  • CH far 2M f.5H 214L 214M – 2610
  • CH 2M 2M f.5L  214L 214M – 2520
  • CH c.5H 2L 2L 214L 214M – 2710
  • CH c.5H c.5HXX 236H 2U 214L 214M – 4297
  • CH c.5M/2M c.5HXXX 236H 2U 214L 214M – 3805

Midscreen Anti Air Counter Hit

  • 2H w.214L 5HXX 214M – 3445 
  • 2H w.214L 2H 214M f.M 214M – 4170
  • 2H w.214L 2H 214M 2U – 3450
  • 2H w.214L 5HX 623H – 3355
  • 2H w.214L 5H wb.214H 5H 236H 2H 5U – 5425
  • 2H w.214L 5H wb.214H 2H 5U 2U – 4792

Midscreen Air to Air Counter Hit

  • j.H 5HX 214L 214M – 2960
  • j.H 5H 214M 2U – 3450
  • j.H 5H 214M 5M 214M – 4170
  • j.H 5H wb.214H 5H 236H 2H 5U – 5263*
  • j.H 5H wb.214H dash 5H 623H – 4609*
  • j.H 5H wb.214H 2H 5U 2H 5U – 5115
  • j.H 5H wb.214H 2H 5U 2U – 4592

Corner Counter Hit Anti Air/Air to Air (you can choose to whiff 214L from 2H but if they are low enough you can hit them with it so I choose not to in the corner)

  • CH 2H 5H 236H 2H 5U 5H 214M – 5326 
  • CH 2H 2H 5U 2H 5U – 4100
  • CH 2H 5H 236H 2H 5U 2U – 4632
  • CH 2H 2U 214H c.5H 623H – 4321
  • CH j.H 5H 236H 2H 5U 2H 214M – 5031

Corner Counter Hit Starter

  • CH 5H 5H 214H c.5M 236H 2H 5U 2H 5U – 5788
  • CH UOH 5H 214H c.5M 236H 2H 5U 2H 5U – 5599
  • CH wb.5U 2H 214M 2U 4G – 3450
  • CH wb.5U c.5H 236H 2H 5U 5H 214M – 5366

Corner 236H Only

  • c.5LXX/c.5MXX/c.5HXX 236H 2U – 2150/2450/2950
  • c.5LXX.c.5MXX/c.5HXX 236H c.5MXXL 214L 214M – 2775/3075/3575
  • 2U 236H 2H 5U c.5L 623M – 3790

Corner Aerial DP Punishes

  • 2H 214M c.5H 214M/SBA/SSBA – 4000/5610/6221
  • 2H 214M c.5H 236H c.5H 214M/SBA/SSBA – 5150/5767/6678
  • 2H 214M 214H c.5H 2U/SBA/SSBA – 4399/5871/6776

Corner Misc. Flowchart Combos/Max Damage/Punish

  • c.5H 214H c.5M 236H 5H SBA/SSBA – 6042/6515
  • CH c.5H c.5H 214H c.5M 236H 2H 5U 5H SBA/SSBA – 6148/6453
  • CH UOH c.5H 214H c.5M 236H 2H 5U 5H SBA/SSBA – 5957/6288
  • Any starter/c.5H 214H c.5M 236H 2H 5U 2U – 5001

Spaced Counter Hit 214M Starters (could use an update)

  • CH 214M c.5LXX 214L 214 – 2795 (standing)
  • CH 214M c.5LXX 236H 2U 214L 214M – 3505 (crouching)
  • Max Range CH 214M c.5MXX 214L 214M – 3095 (standing)
  • Max Range CH 214M c.5MXX 236H 2U 214L 214M  – 3805 (crouching)
  • Max Range CH 214M f.5L 214L 214M – 2510 (standing)
  • Max Range CH 214M f.5M 214L 214M – 2810 (crouching)

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