Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising: Katalina Combos Guide 2024

Katalina is a well-rounded character in the newly released Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising game with tools for all situations that particularly excels in the midrange using pokes and projectiles to damage the opponent.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Katalina Guide (Strategy, Pros, Cons) [Primer]

Her moves are especially great at harassing a cornered opponent and can easily score her high damage by buffering pokes like her 2M and far 5H into 214H or 236M.

The range of her normals allows her to play an effective footsie game by weaving in and out of the opponent’s poke range while leaving herself within range to whiff punish.

In close range, she possesses solid frame traps and punishes opponents hard for their mistakes with her high damage output. She does not have great lows so she aims to open the opponent up with a strike / throw mixup.

The combination of 2L, cl.5L and cl.5M are effective at granting her these opportunities. Utilizing the pushback from the strings she performs at these ranges allows her to move herself back to her preferred range and set up whiff punishment opportunities.

While she has options at long range she does not benefit much from being fullscreen. Her tools grant her the most reward from mid and close ranges.

Fortunately, the options she has in this range are designed to help her position herself back where she wants to be such as her Light Wall, 214L or M and 236L.

Here is a list of pros and cons of Katalina:


  • Strong neutral game due to pokes with a great combination of reach and speed as well as her projectile. 2M, far 5M and far 5H are particularly potent normals. 
  • Strong corner control with her far pokes. Her ability to keep the opponent contained and juggle them for high damage is no joke. 
  • Strong anti-airs. She has 2H, far 5H and all versions of her DP which allow her to cover various angles of air approach.
  • Light Wall provides excellent utility in her strings. It allows her to defend against counterpokes and easily return to her optimal range.


  • Her 2L has very short range which makes her staggers and capacity to reset pressure less threatening. 
  • Light Wall has excellent defensive application but is difficult to use offensively due to the lack of reward on hit. There is no way anyone is going to get caught by anything past a level 1 charge; Especially since the move only absorbs one hit.


This is a general overview of her normals. They are all around solid and effective for the most part at performing their intended roles in both pressure and neutral. 

  • OB – On block.
  • OH – On a hit.
  • CH – Counter hit.
  • KD/ HKD – Knockdown / Hard Knockdown.



Cl. 5L – 5-frame startup. +2 OB / +6 OH / +8 CH

This is one of our best normals to pressure with due to its frame advantage and small pushback on the block. At +2 the majority of our normals will frame trap the opponent. On a counterhit we can link 2M after cl.5L.

Cl. 5M – 6 frame startup. -1 OB / +3 OH / +7 CH

This move is decent for confirming into since it links off our close normals and we can use it to frame trap off them as well. The Ch rewards are decent.

Cl.5H – 9 frame startup. -8 OB / -4 OH / +8 CH

This normal is best used as part of punishment. It is too slow to frame trap with off any of Katalina’s normals other than a jump-in.


Far 5L – 6 frame startup. -5 OB / -1 OH

 This normal is mainly used as a tool to end block strings and hit-confirm. Cancelling this into 214H or 236H at closer ranges will lead to nice conversions in the corner

Far 5M – 9 frame startup. -6 OB / -2 OH / +2 CH

This normal has the best reach of our grounded normals. It is great to poke with due to its safety on the block at the ranges you would be using it but it can be prone to low profiling near its max range. On a CH our 236L/M and 214B combo so it’s a good move to buffer specials from neutral when trying to poke.

Far H – 9 frame startup. -10 OB / -6 OH / + 2 CH

This normal’s hit stun, speed, reach and the fact it is a heavy button make it better counter poking than far 5M due to its crush properties. It’s also a good anti-air from farther ranges.

The angle it covers is great at stuffing jumps out of their startup as well; All these traits make it our best pressure normal in the corner from midrange and I would recommend learning how to hit confirm this normal into 214H and SBA/SSBA. 

The downside to this normal is that it is -10 OB and has an extended hurtbox. Unless you cancel or space it well you can get punished for it. When using this to counter poke buffer your 214L/H.

Otherwise, cancel into 236L/M/H or Light Wall if you are using this for block pressure.


2L – 6 frame startup. +2 OB / +6 OH / +8 CH

It is a low with similar capabilities to cl.5L. It is useful in close ranges to stop the opponent from walking out of your pressure. Otherwise, link into cl.5M.

2M – 7 frame startup. -5 OB / -1 OH / + 3 CH

This poke has an amazing combination of range, speed and safety. Due to the + frames of Katalina’s normals, you can use this to frame trap your opponent even after you have been pushed out of close range.

In the midrange neutral this is one of your main pokes because its startup will likely stuff any normal from the opponent. You can add additional pressure by cancelling this into a fireball or use Light Wall cancels to mix it up a bit.

2H – 9 frame startup. -9 OB / – 5OH

This is a great anti-air. It even hits slightly behind you to cover cross-ups. On a CH you can microdash or cancel into 5U 66 for some big damage.

It doesn’t grant much reward on a non CH but Kat can still run in to continue pressure or cancel into 623H to net additional damage and hard knockdown.

2U – 8 frame startup. -11 OB / HKD OH

This is Katalina’s only other low. The range and speed are solid for a move that grants a hard knockdown on hit and also grants us access to safe jump setups.

It’s unsafe on the block so be sure to space it well so you can reap the benefit of that hard knockdown if you don’t plan on cancelling into 236L/M to make it safe.


j.L – 5 frame startup.

This is the standard j.L that is active until you touch the ground. Useful if you want a hitbox covering you as you are falling. Its range is short so make sure you’re going to land on the opponent when you do this.

j.M – 6 frame startup.

This is a good jump in from farther ranges due to its slightly downward angle and reach. It can also be used as an air-to-air. 

j.H – 7 frame startup.

This reaches far ahead of Katalina but is mostly a horizontal hitbox. It’s decent to use as part of a neutral jump to control the space in front of you.

j.U – 13 frame startup.

This is Katalina’s most offensive jump-in. The arc it covers is great and allows for cross-ups and it’s also the primary jump-in for safe jump situations.


Universal Overhead – M+H

The universal overhead. On CH Katalina can link cl.H for huge damage. Other than that the range on this move is about as bad as 2L. Somebody must have had it out for Katalina when 2L and this move were designed.

Use it here and there to apply some chip damage or to punish throw techs for massive rewards. The damage of this makes it one of Katalina’s best combo starters.

Light Wall – 5U

The barrier of light. This absorbs a hit and allows you to counterattack with a strike. You can back or forward dash cancel the shield or the poke. The shield has some great utility. In neutral you can use it to absorb pokes or projectiles and close in on the opponent.

In block strings, you can use it to punish counter pokes or retreat to midrange. The follow-up strike leaves a lot to be desired, however.

On block, the strike is unsafe unless you backdash cancel it. On a hit, you are at 0 on the block if the opponent is crouching. A level 2 hit leaves you at enough advantage to frame trap with cl.5L.

On a CH the strike grants advantage no matter what level it is. Level 1 allows you to frame trap with cl.5L.  Level 2 lets you link cl.5H.  Level 3 will crumple the opponent regardless of whether it is CH or not.


Frozen Blade – 236L/M/H

The Ice Blade Projectile.  All versions of this have Katalina pull her hurt box back a bit so they can be used to avoid pokes at certain ranges.

The light version is a slow-moving projectile. Due to the travel speed, Katalina tends to recover shortly before the opponent blocks it when spaced from midrange. You can use the block stun of the projectile from that distance to position yourself or go for a spaced 214L/M.

The medium version is a fast projectile that is suited to be used as a poke in neutral as well as a cancel option off your far pokes for additional pressure. Utilizing this at midrange makes it risky for your opponent to run at you.

The Heavy version is +2 on block making it a good tool to use when you want to continue pressure or frame trap. Be aware that you give up your ability to pressure with fireballs for a while once you use this.

Enchanted Lands – 214L/M/H

The thrust. The light version travels a short distance and is your BnB combo ender midscreen. The medium version is slightly longer startup, travels farther and has Katalina take a step back which can allow her to avoid some moves.

This version will also combo with crouching opponents. On CH the 214M has massive reward in the corner due to the wall bounce.

The heavy version has the fastest startup and will combo off any of her normals. It also leads to a safe jump setup midscreen due to the hard knockdown.

In the corner, it will cause a wall bounce allowing a juggle. You can charge this by holding the H button down. It will be +2 on block when completely charged but it takes a long while to get there.

Emerald Sword – 623L/M/H

The invulnerable reversal. L and M versions are only air unblockable on startup. H version is air unblockable no matter what and grants an HKD. The reward is high off this since it grants Katalina an offensive opportunity.


This section will go into detail about tactics Katalina can use in neutral to score damage and lead into her offense as well as what she can do to apply pressure effectively.


The way Katalina must approach neutral varies depending on the opponent she is facing. Against characters who lack reach or have slow pokes, she can harass them from midrange with her superior normals and projectiles.

Due to this, the opponent must take some kind of risk to approach Katalina:

Dashing –

An opponent that chooses to approach this way will lose to any of Katalina’s ranged pokes or her projectile.  2M, far 5M and 5H are all great to stop people from running at you. 2M is the safest option out of all these but it has the shortest range.

Jumping – Anti-air jumps with 2H for the potential reward on CH or 623H for a hard knockdown. 5H can also be anti-air at some ranges.

Crossover / Roll –

Simply wait and punish the recovery of these or poke with 2M since rolls are vulnerable to moves with low hitboxes. Katalina can be left in an advantageous position if the opponent avoids a midrange poke cancelled into 236X with a roll.

Low Profiling

This refers to a move that can go under other normals or projectiles. Bait these by simply not cancelling into fireballs off pokes or waiting around midrange for the opponent to commit to them. 

Against characters that can match or slightly exceed her poking range your footsies and whiff punishment are important. 236M is great to poke with just outside of the range of the opponent’s longest normal.

Since Katalina moves her hurtbox backwards she can also dodge pokes before shooting the ice blade. Do not use many projectiles in ranges where the opponent can easily counter-poke you. 

The speed and reach of Katalina’s normals also help her in these matchups. 2M and far 5H, in particular, are good at counter-poking the opponent. The former is due to its speed and the latter is due to its priority as a heavy normal.

Otherwise, you can move in and out of poke ranges and whiff punish with 2M, far 5M or far 5H. Against characters that outrange Katalina, she must find a way to get into close quarters or a range where she can counter-poke the opponent.

Katalina’s tools are at their weakest when she is fullscreen. Light walls can help her approach by absorbing pokes and enemy projectiles.

236L is decent to use from far ranges because you will recover fast enough to use it to inch in whether they spot dodge it, neutral jump it, or block it. 214L/M will grant some mileage at these ranges as well because it becomes a safe poke. 

Characters with mobility options can be a problem for Katalina because they can easily dance around her tools in neutral and force her to be extremely patient and defensive.

Against these characters, it is worth using your heavy specials to secure hard knockdowns so you can force them to deal with Katalina’s offence.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising: Katalina MIDSCREEN COMBOS

  • Combos that link into cl.5M or cl.5H auto combo can be ended in 214B on crouchers. Both 2L and Cl.5M can be linked into 2M on crouchers. Linking multiple light normals into cl.5M may require dashing momentum.
  • All of these can be ended in 214H for a hard knockdown or wall bounce when you are near the corner. 
  • You can cancel into any Skybound Art instead of 214L/H or 623M/H at the end of any of these combos.


  • Cl.5L or 2L >  cl.XXX > 214L/H or 623M
  • 2L x1-2 > far 5L > 214H


  • 2L or 5L x1-2 > 2M  > 214L 
  • 2L > 5L > cl.5MMM > 214L/H or  623M – Dashing momentum required
  • Cl. 5L x1-2 > cl.5MMM > 214L/H or 623M – Dashing momentum required
  • Level 3 5U 66 > cl.5HHH > 214M 


  • CH cl.5M allows you to link into any normal you want.
  • Cl.5M > 2M  > 214L/H
  • Cl.5M > cl.5MMM > 214B 
  • Cl.5H > 2M > 214L
  • M+H > cl.5HHH > 214B or 623M
    M+H > cl.5H > 236H > 2M > 214L
  • Level 2 5U 66 > cl.5L > cl.5MMM > 214L or 623M
  • Level 2 5U 66 > cl.5H > 214M or 623H


  • If the opponent is hit earlier in the air you can do a normal dash instead of the Light Wall forward dash.
  • 5U 66 means hold 5U and forward dash cancel the shield. The strike shouldn’t be coming out.

2H > 623x – Non-CH confirms and will always connect.

CH 2H > Hold 5U 66 > 2M > 214L – This is the most consistent combo and works at most ranges where the opponent is AAed.

CH 2H > Hold 5U 66 >cl. 5H > 214L –  You can use 214M instead of 214L if there is enough height.


  • 214H is recommended to start combos because it leads to maximum damage. 
  • Unless the confirms are different I will only be listing the portion of the combos that come after the special cancel. 
  • Ending combos in 623L will cause the opponent to flip in the air. This does slightly less damage than doing 623M or 623H but makes it so you don’t have to guess at how the opponent techs and allows you to save 623H for other purposes.


  • 5U 66 means forward dash-cancel the shield. The sword strike shouldn’t be coming out.
  • 214H (Wall bounce) > cl.5L >  cl.5M > 623x
  • 214H > cl.5HH > 623x  – combo for when 214H carries them to the corner from a short distance away. This also works from the 5Ms tip range in the corner. 
  • 214H > 2M  > 236H > cl.5H > 623x – Recommended for beginners and works universally.
  • 214H > 2M > 236H > delay  cl.5H > 623M > cl.5L > 623L – Max damage. Universal at the spacing of the 2L > 2L > far 5L string or after cl.5H.
  • 236H > cl.5M > 214x or 623x – This only works if 236H hit from point blank range
  • 236H > far L > 214H > Cl.5M > 623x – Use 2M instead of far L on crouching opponents


  • 214M > cl.5MM > 623x
  • 214M > cl.5H > 236H > 66 cl.5HH > 623x
  • 214M > cl.5H > 236H >  microwalk cl.5H > 214H > cl.5H > 623M – The microwalk is necessary if you want to keep the opponent in the corner.
  • 236H > 2M > 214x
  • CH M+H > cl.5H > 214H > Appropriate BnBs listed above.
  • CH Level 2 5U 66 > cl.5H > 214H or 236H > Appropriate BnBs listed above.


  • Following up after 2H > 214x in the corner requires you to hit them at a certain height with 2H. 
  • 5U 66 means hold 5U and forward dash cancel the shield. The strike shouldn’t be coming out.

2H > 623x

  • CH 2H > Hold 5U 66 > cl.5H > 214M – More consistent to connect near the corner than mid-screen.
  • CH 2H > Hold 5U 66 > 2H > 214L/M > 2U – Best when done from a short distance away from the corner.
  • CH 2H > Hold 5U 66 > 2H > 214L/M > 5H > 623M/H – Requires a specific height.
  • CH 2H > Hold 5U 66 > 2H > 214L > cl. 5M > cl.5MM > 214L – Requires a specific height.


  • 214H > 2M > 236236H/U
  • 214H > cl.5M / 2M  > 236H > 66 cl.5H > 236236H/U
  • 214H > cl.5H > 236236H/U – combo for when 214H carries them to the corner from a short distance away. This can also work from the 5Ms tip range in the corner. 
  • 214H > cl.5H > 236H > cl.5H > 236236H/U – same as above.
  • CH 214M > cl.5MM > 236236H/U
  • CH 214M > 2M > 236H > cl5H > 236236H/U – cl.5H can be used instead of 2M at farther ranges.
  • CH 2H > Hold 5U 66 > 5H > 236236H/U

That’s all for this Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Katalina Combos guide. I hope this primer has been of some use. Here are some additional resources that you can use to level up your gameplay:

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