Roblox Phantom Pearls: Best Weapons Tier List June 2024

Okay, this Phantom Pearls weapon tier list will outline all the best weapons in the game. It’s like your guide to know which ones are the absolute must-haves.

And you know what’s even better? The weapons are divided by rarity in this tier list: Legendary, Ultra Rare, Rare, and Common.

So, it’s basically telling you which weapons to get first in this popular RPG game on Roblox.

Roblox Phantom Pearls Weapons Tier List: Ranked by rarity

S-Tier (Legendary Weapons)

Fallen Demon Blade

  • +200-250% Base Damage.
  • Drops from Arkinuth, The Purgatory Exile NPCS

A-Tier (Ultra Rare Weapons)

Accursed Stinger

  • +50-75% Base Damage.
  • Drops from The Desert Abomination NPCS

B-Tier (Rare Weapons)

Iron Broadsword

  • +25-30% Base Damage.
  • Drops from Chests (Common + Rare)

C-Tier (Common Weapons)


  • +10-15% Base Damage.
  • Drops from Deer NPCS and Chests

That wraps up this guide on our Phantom Pearls weapon tier list, and the very best weapons in the game.

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