Magic Chronicle Isekai RPG: Weapon Priorities Tier List

Magic Chronicle is like a magical adventure full of love and fun. In this game, you get to explore a world of light and magic, with treasures and mysteries waiting for you.

You’ll be joined by cute epic heroes like Marco Polo and Nightingale on a joyful journey. Summon hundreds of heroes, enjoy dungeon battles, and collect new outfits.

Weapons are super important in Magic Chronicle and you must upgrade them to be even powerful. Defeating bosses is a must, and having strong weapons is key to winning.

Magic Chronicle Isekai RPG: Weapon Priorities Tier List & Guide

Choosing the best upgrades can be confusing, so this guide prioritizes them based on their usefulness in late-game content like World Boss, Guild Hunt, Faction Tower, and general all-around support.

Must-Have Upgrades (Level 30):

  • Hathaway +30: Crucial for her healing and resurrection abilities.
  • Atalanta +30: Boosted damage makes her a powerhouse DPS unit.
  • Sironi +30: Her buffs and debuffs become significantly stronger.
  • Nightingale +30: Enhanced defense and regeneration make her a sturdy tank.
  • Mellonie +30: Faction Tower dominance requires her upgraded skills.

Highly Recommended Upgrades (Level 30):

  • Andrea +35 (Whale Only): Top-tier healer for those willing to invest heavily.
  • Achilles +30: Strong DPS with upgraded skills.
  • Serqet +30: World Boss MVP with her upgraded poison damage.
  • Pan +30: Excellent support for Beastkin teams.
  • Medusa +30: Another great Beastkin support option.

Situational Upgrades:

  • Carrie +25: Not essential in late game, but useful in earlier stages.
  • Zuke +30: Primarily for Faction Tower progression.
  • Marco Polo +30: Similar to Sironi, a well-rounded support but not top priority.
  • Hecate +30: Unique tank-DPS hybrid, niche but effective.
  • Anubis +30: Guild Hunt specialist for consistent damage.
  • Osiris +20: Decent late-game damage, but other options might be better.
  • Watt +30: Essential for high Guild Hunt scores.
  • Hohenheim +30: Situational support, can be helpful in specific team compositions.
  • Napoleon +30: Niche use in Guild Hunt, not a high priority.

Whale Territory:

  • Gabriel +35: Top-tier DPS, but requires significant investment.
  • Satan +35: Incredibly powerful, but reserved for the biggest spenders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the upgrades cost?

Upgrading to Level 30 requires increasing amounts of Silver Emblems, Gold Emblems, and Faction Emblems. In this guide, we’ve specified the costs for each stage.

Are there any “whale-only” upgrades I should aim for?

Andrea +35 and Gabriel +35 are top-tier options, but require huge investment. Satan +35 has immense power, but only for the biggest spenders.

What should I upgrade first?

Prioritize Hathaway, Atalanta, Sironi, Nightingale, and Mellonie to Level 30 for their key roles in healing, DPS, support, and Faction Tower.

We hope this guide clarifies any doubts you might have about the unique Weapon priorities.

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