Multiverse Defenders Tier List Wiki (Best Units in 2023)

If you’re a dedicated player seeking guidance on optimizing your units in Roblox Multiverse Defenders, look no further!

We understand the importance of having a comprehensive Multiverse Defenders tier list that ranks units based on their abilities and states in order to make strategic decisions.

So, we went deep into the game mechanics to compile an extensive tier list specifically tailored for beginners. This list goes beyond just ranking the units; it provides you with in-depth information about their effectiveness in battling the evil forces that threaten the anime multiverse.

This tier list will be your trusted companion, providing you with the secret key and insights to protect the realms, and achieve victory against the forces of chaos.

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Multiverse Defender Tier List Breakdown

Multiverse Defenders Tier List Breakdown

The following tiers are used to rank all the units:

  • S+ tier: It only has super rare units summonable with a 0.5% chance from the banner. They have strong attacks and incredible versatility, making it a game-changer in tricky situations.
  • S tier: This tier only includes mythic units having powerful ranged attacks. They can obliterate enemies from a distance.
  • A+ tier: Only includes legendary units that are strong and reliable, offering solid damage, useful utility skills, and decent survivability.
  • A tier: Includes only epic units that are above average, providing decent performance, damage output, and overall utility.
  • B tier: These units are average, offering moderate effectiveness. Effective when used in synergy with other units.
  • C tier: These units are below average, lacking significant impact or utility. Require extra support to be effective.

Multiverse Defenders Tier List

Tier S+

Shonks (Red Hair)

Shonks (Red-Hair), also known as “Shanks” from the “One Piece” franchise, is a super rare unit that you can summon in the game. If you’re lucky, there’s a small 0.5% chance of getting Shonks when you start summoning units from the banner.

Tier S


He is a mythic unit in Multiverse Defenders game. At level 1 it can be deployed for a cost of 120¥ and has 45 points of damage. It can engage from a distance by having a range of 14 units. But, after each attack, there is a brief 4.5-second cooldown before it can use power again.

Tier A+


Bankugo, or “Bakugo” as some may call him, is a super cool Legendary unit from the “My Hero Academia” franchise. There’s a 4.5% chance of summoning him while he’s on the banner.

Tier A


Sakara, aka “Sakura Haruno” is from “Naruto“. If you’re summoning units in the game, there’s a pretty good chance (32.5%, to be exact) that you’ll get Sakara if she’s on the banner.

She’s the only unit who can buff your team. When she hits enemies, she applies a nerf of 10% to them.


Todorko, or “Todoroki” from “My Hero Academia,” is an epic unit in the game. There’s a 10% chance of summoning him if he’s on the banner.

Tier B


Kakashy, or should I say “Kakashi” is from the popular “Naruto” franchise. He’s a Rare unit that you have a 20% chance of summoning if he’s on the banner.


Vegetan or Vegeto, also known as “Vegeta” from the “Dragon Ball” franchise, is a rare unit in the game. If you’re lucky, there’s a 20% chance of summoning this him when he’s featured on the banner.


Hinato, also known as “Hinata” from the “Naruto” franchise, is a Rare unit that has a 20% chance of being summoned from the banner.

Tier C


Goku” from “Dragon Ball” is also called as “Goko” in the Multiverse Defenders game. If you’re summoning units from the banner, there’s a 32.5% chance you’ll get him.

Luffo (straw hat)

Luffo, also known as “Monkey D. Luffy” from “One Piece,” is a common unit that has a 32.5% chance of being summoned from the banner.


Janji, also known as “Vinsmoke Sanji” from the “One Piece” franchise, is a pretty common unit you might summon. There’s a 32.5% chance of getting him if he’s currently on the banner.


Zoron, also known as “Roronoa Zoro/Zolo” from the “One Piece” franchise, is a common unit with a 32.5% chance of being summoned.


Doku, aka “Deku,” is from the popular franchise “My Hero Academia.” This unit has a decent chance of being summoned, sitting at around 32.5% if they’re featured on the banner.


Tanjiron, also called as “Tanjiro Kamado” from the “Demon Slayer” franchise, is a pretty common unit that you can summon with a 32.5% chance.


Ichigon or “Ichigo” is from the famous “Bleach” franchise. It is quite common and has a decent 32.5% chance of being summoned.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the summon chances for the units in the tier list?

The summon chances vary depending on the unit and tier. For example, super rare units like Shonks (Red Hair) have a 0.5% summon chance, while common units like Ichigon have a 32.5% chance to be summoned from the banner.

Is this tier list specifically designed for beginners?

Yes, this tier list is tailored for beginners in Roblox Multiverse Defenders. It provides in-depth information about various units and is a helpful resource for newcomers looking to improve their unit selection.

Is the tier list the ultimate guide for building my team?

While the tier list is an important tool, you should also consider your own style, preferences, and team composition tactics.

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